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Urner Barry's Market Briefing Highlights Latest Action Across Protein Markets

Urner Barry is the leading provider of protein market news and information in the food industry. Through daily canvasses of the trade and an unrivaled historical database, our analysts are uniquely positioned to report on the underlying conditions and significant disruptors to the market. In this Market Briefing, Urner Barry reporters outline the latest action in the commodity protein markets, highlighting seasonal factors, disruptors, and current supply and demand fundamentals.

Click HERE to view the latest report. 

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Mar 17 7:56 AM, Urner Barry

Hormel Foods Create First-Ever Smoked Bacon Using Elite Maple Wood From College Basketball’s Tourney

This March, basketball and bacon fans unite for the first time as the makers of HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Bacon will give some of college basketball’s most diehard fans the chance to taste the most elite smoked meat ever. Introducing Hardcourt Smoked HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Bacon, a first-of-its-kind bacon smoked with the actual northern cherry maple wood that is used to make the final floors of the 2023 college basketball tournament...

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Mar 16 7:16 AM, General News

Pork Exports Robust in January; Slow Start for Beef Exports

U.S. pork exports, which posted a strong finish in 2022, maintained momentum in January, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). U.S. beef exports were record-breaking in 2022 but slowed late in the year. This trend continued in January, as shipments were well below the large totals from a year ago.

January pork exports totaled 236,767 metric tons (mt), up 13% year-over-year, while export value climbed 16% to $643.4 million. Exports to Mexico, which finished...

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Mar 10 7:55 AM, General News

The Retail Rundown: Key Findings From the 18th Annual Power of Meat Study

The 2023 Power of Meat Study was presented this week at the Annual Meat Conference in Dallas, Texas by 210 Analytics’ Anne-Marie Roerink. 

For this week’s retail rundown, we highlight the compelling findings from this annual report, which identified key trends from a retail meat perspective. 

Despite upward pricing pressure due to inflation, the study found that meat purchases are surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Meat had a 98% household penetration last year, making it the largest player within the fresh departments. Overall meat sales in 2022...

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Mar 8 7:46 AM, UB Newswires

NPPC Statement on USDA’s Decision to Extend Line Speed Trial

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) applauds USDA’s decision to allow eligible pork harvest facilities to continue experimenting with ergonomics, automation, and crewing while maintaining line speeds that have been proven able to protect food and worker safety for over two decades. Ensuring sufficient harvest capacity is critical to allow America’s pork producers to continue to provide wholesome pork products to consumers. This extension will allow USDA to assess a final report of the data collected during the time-limited trial and determine next steps...

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Mar 6 8:24 AM, General News

Acceligen Announces Successful Breeding of Gene-Edited Pigs with PRRS Resistance

Acceligen, a leading innovator in sustainable agriculture, is proud to announce the breeding of gene-edited pigs with resistance to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS). This breakthrough represents a significant step forward in the pursuit for sustainable and ethical pork production.

PRRS is the most devastating disease to the swine industry in the United States, affecting not only the productivity of pigs, but also their health and wellness. This regularly occurring and complex disease has been documented to cause an estimated $500 million USD of losses to...

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Feb 27 9:11 AM, General News

NPPC Economic Update Gives Snapshot of Current Pork Industry Opportunities and Challenges

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) released its latest pork industry economic update that summarizes key pork industry market indicators through January 2023.

Q1 takeaways include:

- After declining 2.5% in 2022, USDA projects growth in pork production for 2023.

- Retail pork prices increased by 1.5% from December 2021 to 2022.

- The cost of raising pigs was record high in 2022, increasing 21% from the previous year.

- Labor market conditions and changing demographics are exacerbating the rural labor shortage...

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Feb 17 9:30 AM, General News

Livestock Dealer and Four of Its Managers Sentenced in Widespread Pig Fraud Scheme

An Iowa corporation and four of its high-level managers have been sentenced in federal court after law enforcement uncovered a wide-ranging scheme to defraud that victimized livestock producers throughout the Midwest, caused over $3 million in loss, and spanned nearly two decades.

Lynch Family Companies, Inc., of Waucoma, Iowa, also known as “Lynch Livestock,” pled guilty on July 29, 2022, to one count of Failing to Comply with an Order of the Secretary of Agriculture. On February 10, 2023, Lynch Livestock was sentenced...

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Feb 16 7:53 AM, General News

Smithfield Foods To Cease Operations at Farmer John Plant This Month

Smithfield Foods, Inc. is ceasing all harvest and processing operations at its Farmer John processing plant in Vernon, California this month.

According to a statement issued by the company during the summer of 2022, the decision was made due to “the escalating cost of doing business in California”. As a result of the closure, the company will reduce its sow herd located in Utah and is “exploring strategic options to exit its farms in Arizona and California”. 

The Vernon plant processed only company-owned hogs. Industry sources estimated the facility's daily processing capacity at roughly 8,000 to 10,000 head...

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Feb 13 10:15 AM, UB Newswires

ANALYSIS: How has Cheap Chicken Impacted the Bacon Business?

Chicken may currently be a primary influence on belly and bacon prices; when is the last time you heard that? Well, that is precisely what’s happening in early 2023. Pork belly prices have experienced their weakest start to the year in our recorded history, with Urner Barry data extending back to 1996. Meanwhile, medium sized chicken breasts are down 44.5% over the past 7 months...

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Feb 10 8:20 AM, Urner Barry

2022 Beef Exports Set Annual Records; Strong Finish for Pork Exports

U.S. beef exports set annual records for both volume and value in 2022, according to year-end data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). Pork exports finished lower year-over-year but export value was the third largest on record, trailing only the highs reached in 2020 and 2021. Pork exports continued to gain momentum in December, led by another outstanding performance in Mexico. While lamb exports slowed in December, 2022 shipments were sharply higher than the previous two years, approaching the...

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Feb 9 9:32 AM, General News

Fresh Ideation Food Group Recalls Hundreds of Sandwiches, Snacks Due to Listeria Contamination

Baltimore, Maryland-based Fresh Ideation Food Group has recalled over 400 sandwiches, snacks and other food products because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, per a February 3 notice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The impacted products were distributed in Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia.

The sandwiches and other products were sold in retail locations, vending machines, and during travel with transportation providers, per the FDA...

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Feb 7 7:33 AM, General News

Olymel Continues to Consolidate Activites, Announces Closure of Its Blainville and Laval Plants

Olymel’s management is announcing the closure of two of its facilities for the further processing of pork: its Blainville and Laval plants. This decision, which is part of a reorganization undertaken in 2021 and is aimed at optimizing operations, will unfortunately result in the loss of 170 jobs in total. The United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW 1991P) representing the workers at the Blainville plant, as well as all employees at both facilities, were informed of this decision earlier today and given 12 weeks’ notice of...

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Feb 3 7:18 AM, General News

North Carolina Investigating the Release of Hog Waste from Lagoon in Bladen County

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Resources (DWR) is investigating the release of animal waste from Murphy-Brown Farm 7692 (AWS090129) in Bladen County. The facility estimates nearly 30,000 gallons of waste reached a nearby creek. Clean-up efforts are underway.

DWR was notified Friday evening of a recirculation pipe failure that resulted in a discharge of untreated animal waste. DWR staff conducted an on-site investigation. Waste was observed approximately 0.69 miles from the secondary containment on...

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Feb 2 10:21 AM, General News

Thousand Hills Launches Regeneratively Raised BBQ Products

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed launches its new industry-leading line of American Grassfed Association-certified, regenerative, fully cooked barbeque products. Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed new line of Barbeque Shredded Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork made with 100% grassfed beef and pasture-raised heritage breed pork come fully cooked and made with Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce. The barbeque products are packaged in a 14 oz. microwavable and oven-safe tray, made from recyclable materials. Each one is wrapped in an eye-catching, colorful cardboard sleeve, beautifully designed with certified regenerative agriculture statements...

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Jan 26 8:06 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: The Pork Cutout: What’s going on in 2023?

The Urner Barry and USDA Pork Carcass Cutouts are having their worst starts to a new year in history, with data that dates back to 2003 and 2013, respectively. Regardless of which data you choose to look at, the domestic pork market started out the year in a lackluster fashion. The main culprit in this situation is...

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Jan 25 9:15 AM, Urner Barry

The Retail Rundown: Seafood Feature Volume Increases

Seafood feature volume increased to the top spot across the protein complex this week. Seafood ads account for nearly 30% of total protein ads, while beef is a close second with 29%. Pork features claim about 23%, while chicken makes up 17%. With the holiday baking season behind us, egg features accounted for less than one percent of total retail buying opportunities.   

In the seafood complex, fresh finfish was the top seller last week with $28.3 million in total sales, or about 32% of the total seafood sales value. A deeper dive into the finfish category shows fresh salmon as the leading species among shoppers. Salmon retailed at an average of $11.24 non-discounted, versus $10.37 discounted.

Fresh cod purchases ranked second with about $19.2 million in sales for the week ended January 8. In the frozen aisle, shrimp retailed at $9.23 non-discounted, 14.5% higher than its discounted average price. Convenient prepared options including frozen seafood cakes made a splash with $560,320 in total sales, according to Information Resources, Inc (IRI) data...

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Jan 19 7:30 AM, UB Newswires

Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment Market to Reach $30.5 Bn by 2032

The meat and poultry processing equipment market valuation is projected to cross USD 30.5 billion by 2032, as reported in a research study by Global Market Insights Inc.

Expansion of multinational restaurant and hotel chains, especially in Europe as a chief driver of the market growth. For instance, the expansion of multinational fast-food chains such as McDonald’s has increased the demand for meat & poultry products due to the rising demand for chicken and beef around the world. Furthermore, growing investment by the government to improve the quality and working environment in food processing industries has been another major driver for industry size.

With respect to meat, the meat and poultry processing equipment market ...

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Jan 17 8:58 AM, General News

CBP Seizes Prohibited Plant, Animal Materials, Issue $18K in Penalties at Laredo Port of Entry

As the international bridges at Laredo Port of Entry teemed with returning paisano traffic this weekend, and in order to prevent the inadvertent proliferation of pests and diseases, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO) agriculture specialists, flanked by Texas Game Wardens, stepped up examinations and intercepted significant quantities of prohibited plant, animal material and issued penalties.

“Our CBP agriculture specialists and agriculture canine teams this weekend faced a significant amount of traffic and increased risk of...

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Jan 16 2:17 PM, General News

Pork Exports Continue to Gain Momentum; Beef Export Value Sets Annual Record

November exports of U.S. pork were the largest of 2022 in both volume and value, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). November beef exports were below the large year-ago totals, but 2022 export value already set a full-year record of nearly $11 billion.

Pork exports reached 245,663 metric tons (mt) in November, up 3% from a year ago, while export value climbed 10% to $725.1 million...

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Jan 9 8:36 AM, General News

Biden Administration Invests in Projects to Promote Competition and Strengthen Meat Supply Chain

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the Biden-Harris Administration is investing $9.6 million across the country and taking several other steps to help farmers, ranchers, processors and rural businesses diversify the nation’s meat supply.

“USDA is putting the needs of farmers, ranchers and consumers at the forefront of the Biden-Harris Administration’s work to strengthen the resiliency of America’s food supply chain while promoting competition,” Vilsack said.  “USDA has undertaken a Department-wide approach to...

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Jan 6 8:06 AM, General News

NC is a Leading Pork and Poultry Producer. Now, a Company Wants to Grow Chicken in a Lab.

Growing chickens and hogs is big business in North Carolina.

Now, a company that grows its meat in a lab instead of in barns is looking to Eastern North Carolina for the location of its first commercial-scale facility.

Believer Meats is investing more than $123 million to build a manufacturing facility in Wilson Corporate Park. When complete, the Wilson facility will employ about 100 people, with Believer targeting the production of about 22 million pounds of meat a year...

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Dec 27 9:28 AM, General News

Pork Checkoff: Grant: Advancing U.S. Pork Sustainability and Market Value

$20 million grant available to Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri pork producers to advance climate-smart agriculture practices.

In September 2022, the Advancing U.S. Pork Sustainability and Market Value grant submitted by National Pork Board (NPB) and six collaborating organizations was awarded $20 million through USDA’s Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities program.

The grant program is designed to increase the sustainability of U.S. pork products by advancing climate-smart agriculture practices in Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri...

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Dec 27 8:28 AM, General News

NPPC Statement on Philippines Extension of Reduced Pork Tariff Rates Through 2023

Statement by Terry Wolters, NPPC president and owner of Stoney Creek Farms in Pipestone, Minnesota:

“The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) applauds Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s announcement on the extension of lower tariff rates on pork and other food items. Gaining better market access to the Philippines has been a top trade priority for U.S. pork producers. We hope that the U.S. and the Philippines will continue to work toward establishing better market access through the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework...

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Dec 20 8:16 AM, General News

October Pork Exports Largest in 16 Months; Beef Exports Already Top $10 Billion

October exports of U.S. pork were the largest in more than a year and beef export volume also increased from a year ago, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

Pork exports reached 238,198 metric tons (mt) in October, up 5% from a year ago and the largest since June 2021. Pork export value increased 13% to $697.3 million, the highest since May 2021. For January through October, pork exports were 12% below last year...

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Dec 9 8:39 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: The Christmas Countdown

Jingle bells—or should we say alarm bells—are ringing now that just two short weekends are left to shop for Christmas. 

In the lead-up to the big day, grocers are focused on holiday spending as consumers prepare to celebrate the season with food and drinks. This sparks interest in the protein case and traditional favorites for the Christmas dinner table, including hams and rib roasts. 

This week in retail, pork leads the charge in retail buying opportunities with 30 percent of total protein ad space. Seafood follows with 24.2 percent, while beef comes in with 22.3 percent. Chicken accounts for 15.5 percent, up slightly from the week prior.

Upon closer inspection, bacon features make up a large chunk of category ads within the pork complex. Brand-label bacon currently averages $6.43 per pound, up 19 cents a year ago and at a near seasonal all-time high. Shoppers can find holiday hams at a more palatable price point of $1.96 per pound on average, below $2.23 last year. Pork roasts are situated above 2021 levels at an average of $2.98 per pound but are competitively priced against many beef and chicken items...

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Dec 8 8:10 AM, UB Newswires

Short Holiday Week Drives Volatility but Hog Supply Picture Remains Tight for Now

Slaughter numbers should be near the highest levels for the year and will be at least 100k head/week lower in Jan/Feb. This should bolster prices for some fresh pork items, such as loins and butts.

Steiner and Company produces the Profit Maximizer report on behalf of National Pork Board based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed...

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Dec 7 9:02 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Grocers Deck the Halls With December Deals

Deck the halls with… wait—it’s December already?

Now that Thanksgiving is yesterday's news, retailers are honing in on Christmas and other holiday demands. This month, several seasonal factors shape both the wholesale and retail markets.

For beef, wholesale prices typically take on a softer undertone towards the year's end once holiday orders are filled. Last year, Urner Barry's Choice cutout value shaved off nearly 10% from the beginning of November to the tail end of December. 

On the contrary, retail prices typically climb to some of their highest levels of the year late this month. This is largely due to increased demand for high-quality beef cuts around the holidays...

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Dec 1 8:00 AM, UB Newswires

Pre-Report Estimates for Oct Cold Storage Show Total Stocks 13.2% Above Year Ago

USDA will release its monthly cold storage report at 3 p.m. eastern time Tuesday. Bob Brown, a private analyst from Edmond, Oklahoma, provided his insight on what the latest report might show...

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Nov 17 11:09 AM, UB Newswires

ANALYSIS: Pork Trim Maintains Year-over-Year Highs

Pork 42s, 72s, and boneless picnics (72% lean) have been setting year-over-year highs for the past few weeks. 42s are on their 6th straight week setting records while boneless picnics and 72s are on their 4 th...

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Nov 16 10:05 AM, Urner Barry

Real Pork Gets Real Results

Real Pork is the industry’s trust and image brand — it's how we differentiate pork from alternatives. NPB has promoted Real Pork in three key areas this year.

Real Pork is about leading the conversation with consumers and growing its future.

Recognizing what’s real about pork helps the industry bust myths about pig production. It also conveys pig farmers’ commitment to sustainability and promotes the nutritional value and usability of pork.

Today’s Sustainability Grows Tomorrow’s Pork
More than ever, consumers are choosing food products that are both nutritious and sustainable. NPB’s mission is to...

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Nov 11 9:42 AM, General News

Fresh Pork Prices Drift Lower as Ample Chicken Supply Offsets Pork/Beef Decline

Fresh pork prices continue to be pressured lower due to increased competition from chicken breasts at retail and seasonal decline in demand.


  • Fresh pork prices continue to be pressured lower due to increased competition from chicken breasts at retail and seasonal decline in demand.
  • Market for processing items is mixed. Pork belly prices are rangebound on higher seasonal supply and ample freezer inventories. Expectations are for belly prices to be higher in Q1 as supply will seasonally decline and processors will start to build inventories for...


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Nov 8 8:17 AM, General News

September Pork Exports Continue Upward Trend; Pace Cools for Beef

U.S. pork exports topped year-ago totals for the second consecutive month in September, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). September beef exports were below last year for the first time in 2022, but exports remain on a record pace through the first three quarters of the year.

Pork exports reached 222,202 metric tons (mt) in September, up 1% from a year ago. Export value increased 9% to $664.8 million – the highest since June 2021. Through September, pork exports were...

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Nov 7 8:56 AM, General News

Global Pork Quarterly Q4 2022: Producers Cautious as Global Uncertainties Rise

Demand uncertainties rise as consumers face mounting pressures. With inflation outpacing wage growth, lower real wages are expected to negatively impact protein consumption in Q4 2022 and 1H 2023.

Value-conscious consumers are already seeking out lower-value cuts, trading down from branded to private label alternatives at retail, and limiting foodservice purchases, adding further weakness to premium product markets. Holiday sales will test the market’s resilience and its ability to absorb premiums. Lower GDP growth expectations in 2023 will limit market needs, slow herd-rebuilding efforts, and impact...

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Nov 2 8:00 AM, General News

Strong Ham Prices Underpin Hog/Pork Prices in the Near Term

Slaughter is down almost 5% from 2019, exports to Mexico are record high, turkey prices are record high and cold storage inventory is down double digits. Expect ham prices to remain firm through the holidays this year.

Steiner and Company produces the Profit Maximizer report on behalf of National Pork Board based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed.

- Hog futures were sharply...

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Oct 25 9:10 AM, General News

PODCAST: Risk management, hedging, HPAI, and more with CIH!

This week on market digest, host Laura Zinger speaks with Dan Roque of CIH! They discuss hedging and risk management in the protein markets, pork items filling the gaps in the poultry market due to HPAI, a supply side outlook, and more!

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Oct 24 3:04 PM, Urner Barry

SPAM® Sales Sizzle with the Help of Social Media

Spam, the square canned meat, with the iconic blue and yellow label, has been feeding families for more than 85 years. Hormel Foods says with the help of social media, it’s become even more popular.

Austin’s canned ham was made by Hormel Foods at the end of the depression in 1937 as an affordable and convenient meat option. The product, made up of only six ingredients, is now in more than 47 countries...

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Oct 14 8:00 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Bone-in Hams Remain at 2nd Highest Levels on Record

On a monthly average basis, 23/27 bone-in pork hams have been at their 2nd highest levels on record since May, according to Urner Barry pricing which dates back to 1981...

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Oct 13 8:19 AM, Urner Barry

Farm Bureau, NPPC Present Prop 12 Arguments in Supreme Court

The American Farm Bureau Federation and National Pork Producers Council presented oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday. Micheal Clements shares more on the case that goes back to 2018.

Clements: Farm Bureau and the National Pork Producers Council challenged California’s Proposition 12 in the Supreme Court Tuesday. The case involves a law passed in 2018 that bans the sale of pork from hogs that don’t meet the state’s arbitrary production standards, even if the hogs were raised outside of California. AFBF Deputy General Counsel Travis Cushman says the...

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Oct 12 8:17 AM, General News

Pork Supply Growth to Remain Limited for Much of 2023

Hog breeding herd as of September 1 was estimated down from the previous quarter as well as 0.6% lower than a year ago. The pig crop through next Feb is expected to decline y/y, suggesting no supply growth through next summer.

Steiner and Company produces the Profit Maximizer report on behalf of National Pork Board based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed...

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Oct 11 9:12 AM, General News

NPPC Latest Capital Update

Letter of Opposition for a Section 301 Investigation on Imports From Mexico

What happened? On Oct. 5, over 20 agricultural and industry associations, including National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), signed a letter urging USTR to reject the petition sent by a group of members of Congress to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) requesting a Section 301 investigation on fresh produce imports from Mexico.

What does this mean? Mexico is the largest value and volume market for U.S. pork. A Section 301 investigation would undermine the relationship with one of our largest agricultural trading...

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Oct 11 8:41 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Varying Supplies, Weather Influence Retail Activity

This week, the retail landscape is influenced by an assortment of factors including varying supplies of protein and the weather. 

Looking at pork, hog supplies typically undergo a seasonal expansion from now into the early winter. October is National Pork Month and retailers usually promote pork features to boost sales as more product becomes available.

This year, however, persistent hog disease issues including porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) have kept supplies relatively snug. 

Hog values have depreciated since mid-summer and the national average hog price is currently down nearly 26% from August. Despite a seasonal correction, hog prices remain elevated at near all-time highs for this time of year. Urner Barry's wholesale pork cutout is down roughly 22% from its summer peak and is now 10% under 2021...

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Oct 6 8:10 AM, UB Newswires

Hormel® Black Label® Bacon Revives the Little Sizzlers® Original Pork Sausages for a Limited Time

The Makers of Hormel® Black Label® bacon brand is celebrating National Sausage Month during October in sizzling style. The brand team heard the pleas of sausage lovers far and wide and for a limited time, while supplies last, is bringing back its fan favorite Little Sizzlers™ original pork sausages at select retail locations for all October!

"Consumers asked, and we answered! We know that consumers have loved our Little Sizzlers™ sausages for years, and we're so excited to..."

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Oct 5 9:29 AM, General News

Fresh Pork Prices Trend Lower and Bellies Fail to Catch Up

The highest hog slaughter since early January and the increase in supply pressured pork prices lower overall, with retail product seeing the biggest impact.

Steiner and Company produces the Profit Maximizer report on behalf of National Pork Board based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed.

- Hog slaughter last week was the highest since early January and the increase in supply pressured pork...

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Sep 27 8:31 AM, General News

Pig Farmers to Stand Trial at Supreme Court

On October 11th at the Supreme Court, America’s pork farmers will stand trial.

The formal question before the justices will be the constitutionality of California’s 2018 initiative-passed Proposition 12. If the farmers lose, a state will be allowed to enforce a regulation on out-of-state production methods. Historically, states could regulate only the character and quality of products made elsewhere (via product safety standards, for example), not the means of making them.

But alongside the constitutional question will be public judgment on the morality of American pig farming...

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Sep 27 8:00 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: The Differing Directions of Pork Trim and Picnics

In this brief analysis we will take a look at pork movement as we head into Fall, with two categories seeing opposite price action...

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Sep 23 10:03 AM, Urner Barry

This Week in Retail: Protein Indices Are Above 3-Year Average; CPI Data Released 

In the face of ongoing inflationary pressures along with animal disease issues impacting the protein industry, wholesale beef, pork, and poultry prices continue to reside at or challenge all-time highs. 

In the retail red meat complex, Urner Barry’s weekly retail feature beef index this week averages $6.34 per pound, down $1.02 per pound from a week ago but 6 cents per pound above the 3-year average.

The boxed beef market is currently moving mostly sideways but has dipped to 52-week lows in recent days. Despite this, Urner Barry's Choice and Select cutouts remain at near seasonal all-time highs, second or third to 2021 and 2014....

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Sep 15 8:00 AM, UB Newswires

Lean Hog Futures Surge Despite Sell-Off in Outside Markets Tuesday

U.S. stocks plummeted on Tuesday following the latest CPI data, which showed larger than anticipated inflation numbers despite declining gas prices. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation rose 0.1 percent in August, contrary to expectations for a month-over-month decline in inflation from July to August after going unchanged in July. 

The BLS reported that annual inflation declined for a second consecutive month but remained historically high at 8.3 percent. The food index increased 11.4 percent over the last year. This was the largest 12-month increase since the period ending May 1979.

The Dow declined nearly 4% while the Nasdaq shaved off 5.2%. The S&P 500 fell 4.3%. Tuesday marked the worst day for the three indices since June 2020. Economists are concerned that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates further to combat ongoing inflationary pressures...


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Sep 14 9:12 AM, UB Newswires

Country Music Superstar Luke Bryan Goes Back to His Roots to Support Pig Farmers

As part of its ongoing effort to dispel common misconceptions about modern pig farming, the National Pork Board is teaming up with country music superstar and five-time Entertainer of the Year winner, Luke Bryan. Drawing on his childhood upbringing on a Georgia farm, Bryan understands and appreciates the hard work more than 60,000 pig farmers across the United States put in every day.

“I have so much respect for pig farmers,” said Bryan. “I know how hard they work – from sun-up to sundown...

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Sep 13 8:35 AM, General News

Wright Brand Celebrates 100 Years of Bacon in the Place Where it all Started

Wright Brand knows there’s no place like home. That’s why the brand is celebrating its centennial anniversary in the place where it all started–Vernon, Texas. To mark the milestone, the brand is honoring the community with a one-day bacon festival on September 16, 2022, during which Vernon will be officially renamed Bacon City, USA, for the weekend.

The Bacon City, USA festival will commemorate 100 years since Roy Wright and Fay Eggleston mastered the creation of a thicker, fuller-flavored slice of bacon...

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Sep 12 9:31 AM, General News

July Beef Exports Stay on $1 Billion/Month Pace; Pork Exports Remain Below Last Year

U.S. beef exports again topped $1 billion in July and posted the fifth-largest volume on record, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). Pork exports remained below last year’s pace but continued to gain strength in Colombia and the Caribbean and stayed above year-ago for Mexico, the leading destination for U.S. pork.

July beef exports totaled 126,567 metric tons (mt), up 3% year-over-year. Export value increased 7% to...

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Sep 9 8:00 AM, General News

CDFA Finalizes Proposition 12 Regulations—What Lies Ahead?

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has finalized the Proposition 12 implementation rules, which can be found here. The finalized regulations are similar to the second modified text, which was released in June of this year. 

According to an FAQ on CDFA's website, Proposition 12 is a "ballot initiative passed in 2018 by California voters that prohibits confining farm animals (egg-laying hens, veal calves and breeding pigs) in a cruel manner and prohibits the sale of products (eggs, veal meat and pork meat) from farm animals confined in a cruel manner into California commerce."

The law mandates minimum housing space requirements for breeding pigs, veal calves, and egg-laying hens and was originally set to begin on January 1, 2022. However, a ruling earlier this year delayed Proposition 12 for 180 days after the final rules went into effect...

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Sep 9 6:57 AM, UB Newswires

National Pork Board Reinforces Pork's Nutritional Value Through Its Newest Platform - Ponle Pork

Celebrity Couple Jorge Bernal and Karla Birbragher are Kicking Off Ponle Pork, Showcasing Exciting Ways to Add This Latino Favorite Super Protein to Any Recipe in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The National Pork Board is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with celebrity ambassador couple Jorge Bernal (TV personality) and Karla Birbragher (celebrity stylist) with their newest platform – Ponle Pork. The ambassadors, along with six content creators from key Hispanic markets, will reinforce pork's superior nutritional value by showcasing exciting ways to add this protein to any meal...

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Sep 8 8:21 AM, General News

China’s Pork Market Starts a New Cycle: A Different Cycle in a Transitional Time

China’s pork market started a new cycle around mid-2022. This cycle will be different from previous ones, as market conditions have changed a lot. We expect to see less price volatility, a shorter length, and more government monitoring. Policies, a new industry structure, sustainability concerns, and consumer trends will continue to influence the market’s development.

This cycle will offer market opportunities to both...

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Sep 7 1:07 PM, General News

ANALYSIS: Pork trim has lost up to 40% since Mid-August

Over the last two weeks, pork 42s, 72s, and boneless picnics (72% lean point) have seen significant declines in value...

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Sep 2 8:37 AM, Urner Barry

Pork Prices Drop, Offer Feature Opportunities for Post Labor Day Needs

Due to the seasonal increase in supply, a slowdown in export sales and inventory depletion, prices collapsed far more quickly than expected.

Steiner and Company produces the Profit Maximizer report on behalf of National Pork Board based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed.

- While we expected pork prices to be lower in the fall, prices collapsed far more quickly than we thought...

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Aug 30 8:00 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: What is happening with boneless pork butts?

The boneless butt market was recently encountering a price correction, but over the last two weeks, it has started to level out as participants have found attractive price points...

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Aug 25 9:33 AM, Urner Barry

Steakholder Foods Initiates Cultured Pork Development Using a Porcine Cell Line

Steakholder Foods Ltd., an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultured meat industry, is pleased to announce that it will begin developing cultured pork products from a new line of iPS porcine cells.

The new stem cell line was derived from sampled cells that were reprogrammed back into an embryonic-like pluripotent state. This enables one cell bank to become an unlimited and highly scalable source for developing any type of muscle or fat cells for cultured meat production.

Steakholder Foods has partnered with a...

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Aug 23 8:22 AM, General News

Pork Prices Remain Firm on Lower Y/Y Slaughter, Tight Spot Supplies

- Tight hog supplies and shrinking margin forced packers to limit slaughter on Friday and Saturday. In the near term this will tend to keep pork prices elevated but eventually we think the seasonal increase in supply will catch up with the pork market.
- Expectations are for processing items (hams, bellies, trim) to move lower into September as hog slaughter should be about 200k head/week higher than currently. Cooler temperatures should also result in higher hog weights.
- Fresh pork prices are finding some near-term support given...

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Aug 19 9:46 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Beef Features Increase Ahead of Labor Day

It may be hard to believe, but Labor Day weekend is just over two weeks away.

Grocers have already completed the bulk of their purchases for the last major grilling occasion of the summer season. 

The meat case could perform well over the holiday with several popular grilling items featured at lower price points compared to last year. Ground beef is likely to grab a large share of circular space as households fire up the grill with burgers and more...

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Aug 18 8:12 AM, UB Newswires

ANALYSIS: What is driving the strength behind pork trim? Demand, supply, or both?

As we currently sit in the second week of August, prices of fresh 42%, 72% and 72% lean boneless picnic trim are historically elevated...

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Aug 12 9:12 AM, Urner Barry

First-Half Beef Exports on $1 Billion/Month Pace; Pork Exports Below Last Year

U.S. beef exports remained on a red-hot pace in June, topping $1 billion for the fifth time this year (after twice hitting $1 billion in 2021), according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). Exports of U.S. pork remained below last year’s large totals in June, while lamb exports continued to trend higher.

June beef exports totaled 130,638 metric tons (mt), down slightly from the record volume posted in May but up 16%...

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Aug 8 8:04 AM, General News

Seasonal Supply Lows Pressuring Spot Market Prices

Supplies are in line with the projections from the latest hog inventory data. Market participants seem surprised by the seasonal shortfall. Hog and pork prices are firm in the near term.

- Hog slaughter was under 2.3 million head for the 5th consecutive week. While supplies are in line with the projections from the latest hog inventory data, nonetheless market participants seem surprised by the seasonal shortfall. Hog and pork prices are firm in the near term.
­ Lower than expected pork prices in May and June appear to have bought some demand in July and... 

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Aug 4 8:00 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Wrapping Up July; Digesting the Latest GDP Data  

Wrapping up July, grocers are promoting fan-favorite grilling items like steaks, pork chops, and shrimp in an effort to encourage at-home cooking during the dog days of summer—a seasonally sluggish period for meat sales.

Seafood features make up nearly 33% of total protein ad volume this week, marking the fifth consecutive week that it has seized the top spot. Beef comes in second with 23%, closely followed by pork with 22%. Chicken claims 17.5% and eggs make up 1.3% of ad space, down from nearly 5% the week...


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Jul 28 8:57 AM, UB Newswires

Global Pork Quarterly Q3 2022: ASF, Inflation, & Policies Challenge Growth While Trade Odds Rise

Global pork trade should pick up in the second half of 2022. A slight easing of feed costs and resilient consumer demand are improving market prospects. Still, challenges to growth remain as African swine fever continues to spread and inflation impacts trade policies.

Feed and energy costs are offering a break, but not quite relief. Feed input prices have softened in some markets but are expected to stay relatively strong for the rest of 2022. This will lessen the pressure on producers to some extent...


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Jul 27 9:12 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Why Have Pork Exports to Japan Decreased?

With the Japanese Yen weakening against the US dollar, it is no wonder that exports are well under year ago levels on a weekly and monthly basis for 2022...

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Jul 22 9:05 AM, Urner Barry

Pork Checkoff: Mixed Signals in the Market as Some Items Struggle, Others Trade Firm

The cure for high prices is high prices — lack of features and ample inventory cause prices to adjust and create future opportunities.

• Following the record-breaking levels of a year ago, backribs are now at the lowest levels of the past five years. Prices may need to stay low for a bit longer to “buy” some demand from retail and foodservice. For operators, current prices present excellent feature opportunities.

• Pork prices were firm at the end of the week on seasonally lower slaughter as well...

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Jul 21 8:00 AM, General News

NPPC Applauds Announcement of New U.S.-Philippine African Swine Fever Project

Today, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and leaders from the Philippine Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to announce the launch of a new project titled “Capacity building in risk assessment to support safe international trade of U.S. pork products in the Philippines” to address challenges related to African swine fever (ASF).

“NPPC is proud to have worked with the Philippine government, U.S. government, and the University of Minnesota to see this grant proposal..."

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Jul 21 8:00 AM, General News

Blimpie Introduces an All-New Pulled Pork Sub and Brings Back a Pulled Pork Favorite

Blimpie® (, America's Sub Shop®, is introducing a new Cuban Pulled Pork sub and welcoming the return of the Spicy Pork Sub, both available for a limited time. Beginning July 5, guests can try the two pulled pork subs at Blimpie locations nationwide.

Promotional Sandwiches:

- Cuban Pulled Pork: Tender pulled pork and ham, topped with Swiss cheese, pickles, and stone-ground mustard
- Spicy Pork: Tender pulled pork drizzled with Hot Sauce and Sweet Baby Rays® BBQ sauce, topped with cheddar cheese and...

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Jul 5 8:37 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: This Year's July Fourth Cookout Could be Costlier 

Consumers might sweat when shopping for July Fourth festivities since this year's cookout could be costlier than in years past.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation remains elevated at a multi-decade high with the index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs rising 14.2% over the last 12 months.

Despite higher retail prices and squeezed budgets, most households are forging ahead with their Independence Day plans. According to the National Retail Federation, 84% of consumers plan to celebrate the Fourth this year.

Of those, 59% of people plan to ring in Independence Day with a cookout...

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Jun 30 8:42 AM, UB Newswires

Another $1 Billion Month for Beef Exports; Pork Exports Remain Below Year-Ago

U.S. beef exports maintained a remarkable pace in April, topping $1 billion for the third time this year, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). April pork exports were well below the large totals posted a year ago, while lamb exports continued to trend higher.

Beef exports totaled 124,408 metric tons (mt) in April, up 3% from a year ago and the fifth largest on record, while export value soared 33% to $1.05 billion – second...

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Jun 10 6:00 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Competing Proteins for Father’s Day

Father’s Day, the second major grilling event of the season, is just 10 days away. Front-page circular ads are showcasing meat and poultry cuts along with other foods for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Grocers will be competing with foodservice for consumer dollars this holiday. According to the National Restaurant Association, Father’s Day is the third busiest day of the year for dining out, behind Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

The most recent National Retail Federation data shows that consumers plan to spend $32.29 million on Father’s Day dinner or brunch this year, up slightly from last year’s figure...

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Jun 9 8:30 AM, UB Newswires

Latest Maersk Cold Storage Facility Set to Open in New Jersey This Fall

A cold storage facility serving both imports and exports of fish, poultry, beef, pork, fruits and vegetables will open in Dayton, New Jersey in October, Performance Team – A Maersk Company, announced on June 6.

Maersk explained that end-to-end supply chain solutions are made by the company’s Oceans services calling APM Terminals Elizabeth, New Jersey that can be integrated with Maersk Customs Services, USA Inc. customs clearance expertise and Performance Team – A Maersk Company’s 60+ warehouses and Transportation services - designed to serve storage, fulfillment...

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Jun 8 9:39 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: First Half of The Year Update: What’s going on with Bellies?

2022 has been a wildly volatile year for light skinless bellies. We started the year reaching all-time weekly highs on 9/13 skinless bellies from February 14 through the week of March 28. Immediately following this...

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Jun 3 9:24 AM, Urner Barry

This Week in Retail: Prepping for the Next Major Summer Grilling Occasion

Grocers will soon be featuring meat and poultry cuts for Father’s Day, the second major grilling event of the season that falls between Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Typically, June is the most active time of the year for backyard grilling as the warmer weather beckons families to cook outdoors. Grocers will try to encourage shoppers to cook at home rather than dining out for Father's Day this year by featuring popular grilling items at attractive price points when possible...


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Jun 2 9:00 AM, UB Newswires

USMEF Spring Conference Spotlights U.S.-China Trade Relations, Innovative Promotions for US Red Meat

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) concluded its spring conference Friday in San Antonio. The three-day meeting examined a number of key issues for U.S. exporters while also updating members on promotional activities for U.S. pork, beef and lamb in a wide range of international markets.

Thursday’s general session focused on agricultural trade relations between the U.S. and China, including a deep dive into the market access gains achieved for U.S. beef and pork through the 2020 Phase One Trade and Economic Agreement...


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May 31 9:09 AM, General News

USMEF Spring Conference Examines Strong Global Demand Tempered by Growing Economic Challenges

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) Spring Conference got underway Wednesday in San Antonio, attracting a diverse range of participants including pork, beef, lamb, corn and soybean producers, as well as packers, processors, exporters and traders from throughout the United States.

USMEF Chair Mark Swanson, who recently founded food safety consulting firm Tru Grit KGMS Enterprises LLC, welcomed attendees and urged them to take the opportunity to visit one-on-one with a strong contingent of USMEF’s international staff from Asia, Mexico...

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May 27 8:54 AM, Urner Barry

This Week in Retail: Protein Features for Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, beef features steal the spotlight with 30% of total protein ad volume. Seafood claims 28.5%, followed by pork with 23%. Chicken features account for 15% of retail buying opportunities, while turkey sneaks in with 1.6%.

In the beef complex, steaks have nearly 48% of feature volume. Ground beef ads account for 30%. The steak complex averages $9.18 per pound, up $1.15 per pound from a year ago. All except for top round and bone-in rib are priced higher than a year ago.

The price of 80% lean ground beef averages slightly above a year ago at $3.32 per pound. Burgers are often favored as a cost-effective and easy way to feed large gatherings...

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May 26 8:00 AM, UB Newswires

This Week in Retail: Beef Ads Lag Leading Up to Memorial Day

The Memorial Day holiday is just one weekend away and grocers are gearing up for the unofficial start to the summer grilling season.

This major retail occasion typically drives sales from the meat case, with items like burgers and hot dogs stealing the spotlight.

Beef features account for 28% of total protein ad volume this week, up slightly from the previous week. Pork and seafood are tied for second with 25%. Chicken claims 16%, even with the week prior. 

While beef holds the top spot in retail buying opportunities, market participants have reported lackluster beef features for this time of year. May is typically the strongest period of the year for beef demand...

While beef holds the top spot in buying opportunities, market participants have noted lackluster beef features for this time of year. May is typically the strongest period of the year for beef demand...

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May 19 8:20 AM, UB Newswires

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