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ANALYSIS: Chicken Hatch Figures “Crack On”

From a historical perspective, May typically marks a pivotal time for those in the chicken industry. With chicken-centric holidays such as Superbowl, March Madness, and Mother’s Day now in the rearview mirror, market participants are keeping a watchful eye on prevailing demand patterns as consumers begin to transition into “grilling season”.

While it remains to be seen how demand will ultimately play out moving forward and whether or not chicken will remain competitive in the retail and food service spaces, market participants are opting to focus their attention on the...

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May 17 8:05 AM, Urner Barry

PERDUE® Expands SHORT CUTS® Product Line with Two New Varieties

PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast Strips and PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Shredded Roasted White Meat Chicken Bring New Flavor and Preparation Techniques to Mealtime

PERDUE®, the number-one brand of fresh chicken in the U.S., announced the expansion of its SHORT CUTS® product line with the introduction of PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast Strips and PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Shredded Roasted White Meat Chicken. The new offerings tap into trending flavors and preparation techniques that...

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May 16 9:35 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: March's Turbulent Tradewinds in Chicken Exports

The latest chicken export data through the end of March leaves some room for interpretation depending on one’s vantage point. Closing Q1 at 558.5 thousand pounds, total export tonnage rebounded 2.1% from February. This loosely coincides with the seasonally-anticipated average uptick of 7% realized over the past five years. Nonetheless, March’s closing tally was slow to make year-over-year (YoY) headway; standing just shy of 11% below ’23 levels.

In terms of value, March’s reading retreated by about 10% when compared to this time last year. Market participants are...

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May 10 8:13 AM, Urner Barry

Brazil's BRF Shares Rise Almost 14% After Strong Q1 Results

Shares in Brazilian pork and chicken processor BRF SA rose almost 14% in early afternoon trade on Wednesday after the company reported strong quarterly results on better pricing in export markets and lower grain costs.

The company said it earned a net 594 million real ($116.88 million) in the first quarter, which is seasonally weaker than the preceding one, beating the average of analysts' expectations of a 449.79 million real gain.

Analysts at BTG Pactual said in a note to clients that BRF's performance was "impressive."...

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May 9 10:21 AM, Urner Barry

Burger King® Celebrates 70 Years With a New Birthday Pie Dessert and a Week Full of Delicious Deals

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY, BK! Burger King® is inviting Guests to celebrate its milestone birthday with an all new and festive dessert – the Birthday Pie Slice. Available for a limited-time at participating restaurants nationwide starting May 13, the new Birthday Pie Slice features a creamy birthday cake flavored pie-filling in a cookie crumb crust topped with rainbow-colored sprinkles, cake bites, and whipped topping.

The party doesn’t stop there! Burger King is best known for the...

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May 8 11:39 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Weighing In on YTD Chicken Headcount

Given the wide array of production challenges related to disease and low hatchability, chicken market participants are keeping their eyes glued to the slaughter data as they attempt to hone their expectations for the road ahead. When it comes to 2024’s cumulative production, total headcount continues to retreat by about 2.7% year-over-year (YoY). This amounts to a 70 million head reduction from a similar period in ’23. Still, at about 2.6 billion birds, year-to-date (YTD) headcount continues to reside at the fifth-highest level in at least two...

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May 3 8:09 AM, Urner Barry

USDA Finalizes Policy to Protect Consumers from Salmonella in Raw Breaded Stuffed Chicken Products

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) today announced its final determination to declare Salmonella an adulterant in raw breaded stuffed chicken products when they exceed a specific threshold (1 colony forming unit (CFU) per gram or higher) for Salmonella contamination.

This final determination is part of FSIS’ broader efforts to reduce Salmonella illnesses associated with the raw poultry supply in the United States. FSIS intends to address Salmonella contamination in other raw poultry products later this year...

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Apr 29 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Chicken Cold Storage, Cracking Open the Freezer Doors

The latest Cold Storage Report generally aligns with the monthly movement observed over the past five years, while also shining light on the notable reduction in year-over-year (YoY) inventory holdings. Total public warehouse stocks through the end of March hit 763.7 million pounds, which represents a 10.5% retreat from a similar period back in ’23. This coincides with the relatively well-accounted-for supply state on the street, along with the negative impact that disease and low hatchability continue to have on the production front...

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Apr 26 10:15 AM, Urner Barry

Makers of HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® Reintroduce Chicken and Roast Beef to Portfolio of Deli Products

The makers of the HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® brand, a trusted name in deli products and maker of 100% natural*, completely delicious deli meat, are excited to reintroduce two items to its appetizing lineup of deli options: Deli Roast Beef and Rotisserie Seasoned Deli Chicken Breast. These varieties join a wide-ranging portfolio of 100% natural* deli products, with no nitrates or nitrites added**, and no preservatives.

"We work hard to ensure that every product we provide is completely...

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Apr 26 8:01 AM, Urner Barry

Brazil's Chicken Exports Hit Highs Despite YoY Drop and Stagnant Prices

In March 2024, Brazil's chicken meat exports reached a peak, totaling 418,100 tonnes. This volume marks the highest recorded for the year yet reflects an 18.8% decrease from March 2023's unprecedented 514,600 tonnes.

Revenue from chicken exports also declined by 23.4% year-on-year, from $980.5 million to $751.3 million. Domestically, prices paid to chicken producers has remained stubbornly low over the past six months, ranging from approximately R$ 7.20/kg in October 2023 to R$ 7.32/kg as of March 2024, according to...

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Apr 12 9:42 AM, FeedInfo

LaBelle Patrimoine Heritage Chicken Approved by USDA as Regeneratively Raised

LaBelle Patrimoine, producer of humanely raised heritage, air-chilled chickens, is proud to announce that it carries the new claim of regeneratively raised as approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), acknowledging its commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly poultry farming practices.

Regeneratively raised is a farming system where chickens are fed regeneratively grown grain, grown on managed pasture, and farm waste and processing waste are composted and returned to the soil to improve soil health. This meaningful recognition by the USDA, which...

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Apr 12 7:52 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: "Falling Feathers"- A Retreat in February's Chicken Export Volume...

February’s closing export tally primarily speaks to a contraction in total outward tonnage. Closing the month at 546.8 million pounds, one would have to venture all the way back to 2017 before coming across a lower seasonal figure. When compared with ’23, total volume retreated by 10.2%, or 62.3 million pounds. While the cumulative data almost speaks for itself, it is worth noting that the year-over-year (YoY) retreat in demand for U.S. chicken was not necessarily felt universally across all trade destinations...

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Apr 12 7:32 AM, Urner Barry

ADM Animal Nutrition Expands Recall to Include 17 Additional Lots of Chicken, Swine and Rabbit Feed 

ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of ADM , is expanding the recall announced on March, 30, 2024, to include the following additional products due to elevated levels of magnesium, sodium, calcium and/or phosphorus: Pen Pals® Chicken Starter-Grower (Product Nos. 70009AAA46 and 70009AAA44); Pen Pals Egg Maker Complete (Product No. 70010AAAE4); MaxLean GF Concentrate (Product No. 12354AAA); ShowTec Sow Ration with Thermal Care (Product No. 12343AAA); ShowTec BB 18 BMD (Product No. 18241AGNE4); ShowTec BB 18 BMD/DBZ (Product No. 18241PLM)...

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Apr 12 7:11 AM, Urner Barry

KFC Introduces New "Taste of KFC Deals"- A Value Menu with Real Value- Starting at Just $4.99

KFC is bringing its beloved 11 herbs and spices to an all-new "Taste of KFC Deals" value menu available starting today, with flavor-packed meal deals starting at just $4.99*.

It's been 30 years since food ate up this much of people's incomes, and 56% of consumers are budgeting their finances more now due to inflation.** These deals are tailor-made to fit right into your loud budget – save on delicious fried chicken so you can spend more...


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Apr 9 7:59 AM, Urner Barry

Bojangles Introduces Bo's Bird Dog: A Flavorful Twist on a Classic Favorite

Bojangles is giving chicken lovers a tasty, on-the-go way to enjoy one of its most popular menu items with the all-new Bo’s Bird Dog. A spin on a classic hot dog, the Bo’s Bird Dog features a Bojangles Chicken Supreme tender nestled in a split-top bun, topped with thick-cut pickles and drizzled with Carolina Gold sauce – a sweet and tangy honey mustard-based BBQ sauce.

“Bo’s Bird Dogs offer a delicious and portable way to feed the whole...


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Apr 9 7:58 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Although April’s initial canvassing efforts are slow to bring with them many market-swaying developments, buyers and sellers of chicken are far from kicking up their feet. In light of the multitude of “unknown” variables which range from consumer demand patterns to disease, industry market participants are opting to focus their attention on what still lies within their control: Supply. With this in mind, the Weekly Broiler Hatch Report is perhaps one of our best forward-facing production indicators and one which has garnered quite a lot of attention in recent weeks...

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Apr 5 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Get Ready for Some Berry Delicious Spring Sensations at Chick-fil-A

Spring is officially in bloom at Chick-fil-A®! Starting April 8, Guests nationwide can enjoy fruity new flavors with a line of Cherry Berry seasonal beverages, the perfect pairing for picnic season. Chick-fil-A is also serving a delicious springtime twist, testing a new limited time entrée available exclusively at participating restaurants in Raleigh, NC: the Pretzel Cheddar Club Sandwich.

Blue Skies and Cherry Vibes
The Cherry Berry beverage line provides a vibrant pop of mixed berry flavors, perfectly sweet and refreshing...

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Apr 4 11:32 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Chicken Cold Storage: A February Thaw

The latest chicken Cold Storage reading closely coincides with the generally constricted supply state observed across much of the market recently. Total inventories through the end of February retreated on a year-over-year (YoY) basis by 9%. This equates to a 77.7 million-pound reduction, while also marking the seventh consecutive month of yearly decreases. The comparative month-over-month (MoM) data also brought with it a significant 5%, or 41 million pound, downturn in public warehouse holdings. Although this scenario does generally align...

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Mar 29 8:04 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: The Widening Price Spread Between Boneless Chicken Breasts and Tenders

Given the volatile, and generally bullish-leaning market dynamics within the chicken complex recently, buyers and sellers certainly have a lot to consider as we usher in the springtime months. In addition to widespread supply constrictions, light live weights, and the ongoing threat of multiple diseases, the ever-shifting price relationship between various items on the sheet has introduced some additional room for speculation. Perhaps one of the more obvious examples of the changing market landscape is the relatively narrow, albeit expanding, delta between jumbo boneless breast and tender...

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Mar 22 11:37 AM, Urner Barry

Applebee’s® Crowned “America’s Favorite Boneless Wings!”

There’s nothing Applebee’s takes more seriously than Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood®- especially when it comes to Boneless Wings. Now, it’s official. Following a nationwide, double-blind taste-test, Applebee’s was crowned with the title of “America’s Favorite Boneless Wings.”

Saucy and savory, Applebee’s Boneless Wings can now add award-winning to their plate. Following a national, double-blind taste-test of its Classic Buffalo sauced Boneless Wings among other top national chain restaurants, Applebee’s Boneless Wings has been named “America’s Favorite Boneless Wings.” To celebrate and give America more of what...

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Mar 20 12:08 PM, Urner Barry

The Retail Rundown: 2024 Annual Power of Meat Study Recap

The 2024 Power of Meat Study was revealed at the Annual Meat Conference in Nashville, Tennessee this week. Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal at 210 Analytics, presented the findings and identified the trends currently shaping the retail meat sector.

This year’s report found that the number of Americans who describe themselves as meat eaters (80%) and the number of households that purchase meat (98%) were unchanged from 2023. Circana data indicates that overall household penetration across all incomes, ethnicities, household sizes, and ages, averages above 97%...

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Mar 20 8:27 AM, UB Newswires

ANALYSIS: January Chicken Exports Off to a Strong Start

Although it may not be immediately evident based solely on the data, chicken export movement kicked off the year with quite a bang. Despite a 3.4%, or 21.6 million pound, year-over-year (YoY) reduction in total outward tonnage, January’s closing tally of 608.7 million pounds, was enough to position seasonal export figures at the third highest level realized in three decades.

Much like the annual comparisons, the month-over-month (MoM) figures also brought with them a modest reduction of 3.4%, or 21.6 million pounds...

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Mar 15 8:10 AM, Urner Barry

Taco Bell Launches New Cantina Chicken Menu Nationally to Shake up the Daytime

Taco Bell, the brand synonymous with late night, is tackling misconceptions that cheesy, crunchy, spicy cravings can only be satisfied late-night. Introducing the all-new, elevated Cantina Chicken Menu; including five new menu items: The Cantina Chicken Soft Taco, Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco, Cantina Chicken Burrito, Cantina Chicken Quesadilla, and Cantina Chicken Bowl. Select items of the Cantina Chicken Menu are now available* to Taco Bell Rewards members and the full menu will be available to all fans on March 21...

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Mar 14 12:12 PM, Urner Barry

Bellisio Foods Expands Fast-Growing Boston Market Frozen Retail Portfolio

Bellisio Foods, one of the nation's largest, most trusted frozen food companies, announced expansion of their frozen retail brand, Boston Market At Home, with the introduction of comfort-inspired Boston Market Sides, new entrees and an innovative snacking format.

"Boston Market At Home has been serving favorite comfort tastes in convenient frozen meals to local grocery stores for years," said Nicole Grimmius, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at Bellisio Foods. "Bellisio is now expanding to offer consumers even more delicious options."...

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Mar 14 11:32 AM, Urner Barry

Taylor Farms Pacific Recalls Kroger Brand Ready-To-Eat Apple Walnut With Chicken Salad Bowl Products

Taylor Farms Pacific, a Tracy, Calif. establishment, is recalling approximately 19,976 pounds of ready-to-eat (RTE) apple walnut with chicken salad bowl products due to misbranding and undeclared wheat allergen, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today. The product may contain wheat, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label.

The RTE apple walnut with chicken salad bowl products were produced from Feb. 28, 2024, through March 9, 2024. The following products...

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Mar 14 9:20 AM, Urner Barry

Roy Rogers Unveils Savory Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich and Pickle Fries; Brings Back Mint Chip Shake

Roy Rogers® Restaurants, the iconic western-themed quick-service restaurant chain, is thrilled to announce the launch of two brand new menu items – the Wild Dill Sandwich and Pickle Fries, complemented by the return of the Mint Chocolate Chip Shake and Ice Cream. These mouthwatering options will be available for Roy Rogers loyalty customers to order online, or via Roy's Rewards App starting March 12, and in participating locations beginning March 14.

The Wild Dill Sandwich features a hand-battered and breaded...

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Mar 12 1:57 PM, Urner Barry

Another 38 Brazilian Slaughterhouses Can Export Meat to China

Number of license issuances in a single advertisement is the highest ever recorded in history

In the year in which Brazil celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations with China, another 38 Brazilian meat processing plants were authorized to sell meat to the Asian country, according to a statement from the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) sent to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Map) this Tuesday ( 12) .

38 licenses were granted, including eight chicken slaughterhouses, 24 cattle slaughterhouses, a beef thermoprocessing establishment and five...

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Mar 12 8:53 AM, Urner Barry

Chicken Al Pastor is Back: Chipotle Reintroduces One of its Most Popular Menu Innovations

Chipotle Mexican Grill today announced it is bringing back Chicken al Pastor to restaurants around the world for a limited time starting today. Back by popular demand, Chicken al Pastor levels up any go-to Chipotle order with a sophisticated flavor profile and elevated taste.

Sweet Heat Sizzles at Chipotle
Chicken al Pastor debuted in March 2023 as Chipotle's first global menu innovation, delighting fans in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France and Germany with a new flavor that quickly became a fan favorite...

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Mar 12 8:18 AM, Urner Barry

Full Moon® Launches New Artisanal Sausage Slices

Today, Full Moon®, the brand known for its human-grade dog food and jerky treats, announced the launch of its Artisanal Sausage Slices, giving pets the fresh from the deli experience they deserve. Created for devoted pet owners who prioritize their own health, wellness and quality food, these snackable treats will help them do the same for their furry friends.

Like all Full Moon® products, Artisanal Sausage Slices are made using 100-percent human-grade ingredients sourced responsibly from family farms, meaning they look, smell, and taste just like the...

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Mar 5 9:41 AM, Urner Barry

CJ Foods Manufacturing Beaumont Corporation Recalls Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup Dumplings

CJ Foods Manufacturing Beaumont Corporation, a Beaumont, Calif., establishment, is recalling approximately 61,839 pounds of steamed chicken soup dumpling products that may be contaminated with foreign materials, specifically hard plastic from a permanent marker pen, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The steamed chicken soup dumplings were produced on Dec. 7, 2023. The following products are subject to recall [view labels]: 

  • 6-oz. boxes with plastic trays containing six pieces of “TRADER JOE’S Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings” with lot codes...
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Mar 4 9:57 AM, Urner Barry

It's Not Pizza It's Chizza- KFC Brings the Global BestSeller to U.S. Menus For the First Time

From the fried chicken chain that brought you the Double Down, KFC has done it again – pairing the unexpected to create another mouthwatering meal. Starting Feb. 26 for a limited time, KFC is introducing the international smash hit, Chizza ("cheet-za"), to KFC menus in the U.S.* It's not pizza, it's Chizza: two 100% white meat Extra Crispy™ fried chicken filets topped with zesty marinara sauce, melty mozzarella cheese and crispy pepperoni...


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Mar 1 9:27 AM, Urner Barry

The Wrap Battle Heats up as Burger King® Introduces New Fiery Buffalo Flavor to Royal Crispy Wraps

Burger King is bringing the heat to its fan-favorite wraps with an all-new Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap. Starting March 7, the fiery flavor will be available for Guests to try alongside the existing lineup of Royal Crispy Wraps that launched on menus nationwide last August – including Classic, Spicy and Honey Mustard.

The new Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap features crispy white meat chicken breast fillet coated in a spicy Buffalo glaze and a creamy...

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Mar 1 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

FSIS Issues Public Health Alert for Nurture Life Ready-To-Eat Chicken Meal Product

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is issuing a public health alert for Nurture Life’s Chicken Parm with Super Veggie Spaghetti meal products due to misbranding and an undeclared allergen. The product’s spaghetti component contains egg white, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label. FSIS is issuing this public health alert to ensure that consumers with an allergy to egg are aware that this product should not be consumed...

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Feb 28 9:23 AM, Urner Barry

Pilgrim’s Pride Reports Profitable Year-End Results in 2023

During 2023, commodities were exceptionally volatile as markets began at near record lows given supply and demand imbalance and availability of other proteins combined with unsettling consumer sentiment. Throughout the year values gradually returned to more seasonal levels, while cost inflation remained elevated compared to historical standards.

“While our business faced a unique set of challenging conditions in 2023, we persevered as our team members maintained a leadership mindset and elevated their focus and execution of our strategy. As a result, we demonstrated an ability to drive profitable growth even under the most difficult circumstances as our sales and adjusted EBITDA strengthened throughout the year and showed increased momentum as we entered 2024,” said Fabio Sandri, Pilgrim’s CEO.

In the 4th quarter, the U.S. portfolio continued to...

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Feb 26 9:09 AM, General News

The Retail Rundown: Finalizing February’s Features

Retailers are finalizing their February features while actively preparing for spring demand, which is bolstered by seasonal factors like warmer weather along with holidays including St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Retail features are shifting from red meat and poultry towards seafood as Lenten observers begin the 40 days of fasting and reduced meat consumption. 

The seafood complex continues to hold the top spot within total protein features, accounting for 37% this week. Beef follows with 21% of retail buying opportunities, while pork closes in at 19%. Chicken claims almost 16% of ad space, nearly...

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Feb 21 7:55 AM, UB Newswires

ANALYSIS: December Chicken Export Volume Reaches New Seasonal Altitude

Judging by the year-end numbers, chicken export movement concluded 2023 under a relatively robust backdrop, especially when considering the ongoing global trade complications related to HPAI. At 645.2 million pounds, total outbound tonnage during December not only surpassed the previous year by 7.4%, or 66.1 million pounds, but also hit a record seasonal high.

The cumulative data, however, tells a slightly different story of how the year played out. Between January and December, total export volume retreated by 4.2% when compared with the previous year...

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Feb 16 11:12 AM, Urner Barry

Taco Bell Unveils the Cheesy chicken Crispanada: A Bold Innovation with Mexican-Inspired Flavors

From the masterminds of the Taco Bell test kitchen comes the Cheesy Chicken Crispanada. The brand's take on the iconic empanada is set to hit menus nationwide for a limited time starting February 15, bringing with it a fusion of craveable flavors.

Taco Bell's commitment to push the boundaries of food creativity and innovation is grounded in its fusion-first ethos, creating a synergy where beloved flavors and forms come together to produce something entirely new. The Cheesy Chicken Crispanada is a testament to Taco Bell's...

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Feb 15 9:42 AM, Urner Barry

FSIS Issues Public Health Alert For Ready-To-Eat Poultry Products 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is issuing a public health alert for ready-to-eat (RTE) poultry burrito products containing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated dairy products that have been recalled by Rizo-Lopez Foods, due to concerns that the products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. FSIS is issuing this public health alert to ensure that consumers are aware that these products, which bear the USDA mark of inspection, should not be consumed...

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Feb 9 8:27 AM, Urner Barry

Albertsons Companies Voluntarily Recalls Five ReadyMeals and Store-Made Taco Kits 

Albertsons Companies has voluntarily recalled five ReadyMeals and store-made taco kits supplied by Fresh Creative Foods due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. The select meals and kits contain a recalled cheese ingredient supplied by Rizo-López Foods, Inc., of Modesto, California.

The FDA and CDC, in collaboration with state and local partners, are investigating illnesses in a multi-year, multistate outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes infections linked to queso fresco and cotija cheeses manufactured by Rizo-López Foods. Rizo-López Foods’ recall announcement can be found here

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Feb 8 2:51 PM, Urner Barry

FSIS Issues Public Health Alert For Frozen Ready-To-Eat Chicken Pilaf Products

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is issuing a public health alert due to concerns of a frozen ready-to-eat (RTE) chicken pilaf product that may be contaminated with foreign material, specifically rocks. FSIS is issuing this public health alert to ensure that consumers are aware that this product should not be consumed. A recall was not requested because the product is no longer available for purchase.

The frozen RTE chicken, lentil, and caramelized onion pilaf product was...

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Feb 8 9:24 AM, Urner Barry

Unlock Free Fried Chicken with New KFC Rewards Program -Order on and the KFC APP 

Do you dream of free fried chicken? Do you like a finger lickin' good deal? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the new KFC Rewards program is here for you!

KFC Rewards, a new loyalty program from Kentucky Fried Chicken®, is where finger lickin' good deals meet finger lickin' good food. Now KFC customers can unlock free KFC by earning points on orders through their Rewards Account via or the KFC app.*

To start earning rewards on digital orders...

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Feb 7 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Major Blaze Reported on Texas Chicken Farm

Several fire companies were called out to tame a major blaze at Feather Crest Chicken Farm located in Northeast Brazos County, about 100 miles outside of Houston.

Reports say the fire started at 5pm Monday and burned overnight. The Brazo's County Sheriff's Office says it expects it be fully extinguished in a couple days.

No human injuries were reported, but two chicken houses have been affected. One of which had chickens inside.

The cause of the fire is still to be determined...


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Jan 30 2:38 PM, UB Newswires

SADA Poultry Plant in Toledo to Cease Operations

The SADA poultry plant in Lominchar, Toledo, will close its doors on 31 January.

The facility, which was once a poultry slaughtering and processing, flour production and freezing complex, saw its activity reduced to the production of roasts, marinades and other chicken products.

According to the CCOO (Spanish Workers' Organisation), the closure is due to the impossibility of renewing the lease of the property. The plant will be dismantled at the request of the owner of the property.

The company has offered positions to some employees at other poultry...

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Jan 30 7:53 AM, FeedInfo

Kroger Innovates to Make Customers' Favorite Our Brands Products Even Better

The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) today shared it is reformulating beloved deli and bakery items making customer favorites even better, including products such as Home Chef fried chicken and Private Selection cinnamon rolls and crumb cake.

"From flavor profile to freshness and packaging, we have studied some of our most beloved Our Brands deli and bakery products to make these customer favorites even more fresh and delicious," said Dan De La Rosa, Kroger' group vice president of Fresh Merchandising. "Our Brands fresh and prepared products have long been basket...

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Jan 23 9:46 AM, Urner Barry

Childhood Best Friends Sign Agreement with Layne’s Chicken Fingers in South Florida for 15 Locations

South Florida (Restaurant News Release) Layne’s Chicken Fingers franchisees Shahmeer Alam and Yves Jodesty are set to bring the 13-unit fan-favorite chicken franchise out of Texas, to South Florida with 15 new locations across Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach County. Their plans consist of opening one to two locations each year. The new locations will give South Florida residents a chance to find out what has made Layne’s an iconic name in Texas. (Hint: chicken fingers don’t get much crispier than...

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Jan 22 3:34 PM, Urner Barry

Panera Bread Warms up National Soup Month With Launch of New Toasted Sourdough Melts and Soup Deal

Panera Bread is excited to announce the newest additions to its sandwich menu alongside the perfect winter warmup deal. Two new toasted Sourdough Melts are available nationwide this week starting at $8.99 at participating local bakery-cafes. New Sourdough Melts are crafted on Panera’s signature Country Rustic Sourdough, expertly toasted to showcase the feel-good flavor of classic grilled cheese that pairs perfectly with Panera’s signature soups this National Soup Month. For guests who want to warm up even more...

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Jan 16 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Albertsons Companies Launches New Signature SELECT® Mix + Match Meal Solution 

Albertsons Companies, Inc. (NYSE: ACI) today announced the launch of its newest Own Brand innovation, the Signature SELECT Mix + Match meal solution. Designed to save customers time both in the store and in the kitchen, this new line of frozen entrees, sides and veggies cook together in one standard oven at 375 degrees for about 35 minutes. Available now at 1,900 Albertsons Cos. stores including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, ACME and Shaw’s, this customizable meal solution feeds a family of four at a great value...


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Jan 15 10:23 AM, Urner Barry

Applebee’s® Brings Back All You Can Eat Boneless Wings, Riblets, and Double Crunch Shrimp 

Applebee’s is the place to be in 2024 with the return of All You Can Eat Boneless Wings, Riblets, and Double Crunch Shrimp! Now for a limited time, guests can enjoy an unlimited feast of All You Can Eat Boneless Wings, Riblets, and Double Crunch Shrimp for $14.99* when dining in restaurant.

Guests can savor a variety of flavors with these craveable fan-favorite menu items by starting with Boneless Wings, refilling with Double...

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Jan 9 8:04 AM, Urner Barry

REPORTER: New Research “Illuminates” the Future of Poultry Production

This article was originally featured in the WINTER 2024 Edition of Urner Barry’s Reporter magazine. 

The commercial broiler industry has come quite a long way since its inception back in 1923. What began as a small flock of roughly 500 meat-type birds in Sussex County Delaware has since snowballed into a multi-billion-dollar business sector, which routinely produces more broilers annually than there are people walking the planet!

At its core, the same principles from the early 1900’s remain in play 100 years later...

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Jan 9 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Green Chef Expands Wellness Offerings with New Gut & Brain Health-Focused Recipes

Green Chef, the #1 meal kit for clean eating, announced today a new menu expansion that features Gut & Brain Health recipes. The new science-backed meals are powered by fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats that aim to support energy and immunity while helping to improve digestion. Both new and existing Green Chef customers can now choose to select a Gut & Brain Health lifestyle preference in their profile, to receive a curated selection of recipes that offer functional benefits.

To help consumers jumpstart and maintain their wellness goals, Green... 

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Jan 8 9:17 AM, Urner Barry

Freddy's Launches New Grilled and Crispy Chicken Club Sandwiches

Fast-casual restaurant concept, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers®, announced today the launch of its new Grilled and Crispy Chicken Club Sandwiches and the limited-time Frozen Hot Chocolate Shake made with Ghirardelli®. The Chicken Club Sandwiches are available at Freddy's locations nationwide via drive-thru, in-restaurant dining, and pickup or delivery through the Freddy's mobile app and at The Frozen Hot Chocolate Shake made with Ghirardelli® is available now for a limited time through March 5, or while supplies last...


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Jan 5 9:19 AM, Urner Barry

Brakebush Brothers,Inc. Acquires Lake Foods to Expand its Processing Capabilities

Foodservice chicken processor Brakebush Brothers, Inc., has announced the acquisition of Lake Foods of Hartwell, GA, a portioning facility for raw, sized, marinated and ready-to-cook chicken products. The agreement was finalized on December 31, 2023.

Both companies share a solid history of business success, dedicated employees with acommitment to quality, and a focus on customer service. “We are very enthusiastic about thisacquisition. The values, expertise, and capabilities of this facility put us in great position to continue to grow our existing customer base and aggressively pursue...

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Jan 5 9:06 AM, Urner Barry

The Retail Rundown: Consumer Sentiment Rises at Year's End

Consumer sentiment spiked at the tail end of 2023, boosted by improved viewpoints of inflation in the new year. According to the University of Michigan’s (U-M) Survey of Consumers, consumer sentiment climbed by 14% in December, reversing the declines from the previous four months.

All age, income, education, geographic, and political identification groups saw gains in sentiment in December, said U-M. The index is just shy of the midpoint between the pre-pandemic reading and the historic low hit in June 2022, added U-M.

The University of Michigan's...

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Jan 3 6:32 AM, UB Newswires

KFC Wraps are Back with Two New Flavors and You Can Get One for Free In the App with Purchase

Kentucky Fried Chicken® is bringing big flavor and a boost of joy this January by introducing two brand-new varieties of its popular two-for-$5 KFC Wraps lineup – Honey BBQ and Spicy Mac & Cheese. The new wraps join the Mac & Cheese Wrap recently introduced in November and the original Classic and Spicy Slaw Chicken Wraps. The five-wrap lineup offers something for everyone and is only available for a limited time, so try them while you can...

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Jan 2 10:02 AM, Urner Barry

Farmers Concerned About Effects of California's New Animal Welfare Law

A new animal welfare law going into effect in California Jan. 1 that mandates space requirements for pigs, cows and chickens has some livestock farmers on edge.

Proposition 12 prohibits sales in California of pork, veal and eggs from livestock whose confinement doesn't meet certain minimum space rules. Those rules mandate hog pens to be large enough for an animal to turn around.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law, ruling 5-4 that "while the Constitution addresses many weighty issues, the type of pork chops California merchants...

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Jan 2 8:49 AM, Urner Barry

El Pollo Loco's Delicious Double Pollo Fit™ Bowls Make Triumphant Return 

El Pollo Loco, Inc. (“El Pollo Loco” or “Company”) (Nasdaq: LOCO), the nation’s leading fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain, wants to help those trying to make positive lifestyle changes in the new year by bringing back two of its delicious Double Pollo Fit™ Bowls. The tasty duo can fit into any New Year's resolution meal plan with double the juicy fire-grilled chicken, crisp, fresh super greens, and authentic Mexican flavors. Enjoy one at home, at work, or after a workout. Filling and jammed-packed with flavor... 

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Dec 29 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Wow Bao Caps off Record 2023 with Giant Eagle Partnership

In a year marked by significant expansion of its CPG portfolio, the Asian fast-casual restaurant brand landed in more than 5,000 grocery stores across the United States

Following a series of partnerships with grocery store brands across the country, Wow Bao, the leading Asian fast-causal restaurant brand in North America and largest dumpling house in the U.S., announced further expansion of its CPG line with the addition of Giant Eagle to its grocery partners. The Pittsburgh-based grocery chain will carry two flavors of Wow Bao’s signature...

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Dec 19 9:49 AM, Urner Barry

Fire at Puglisi Egg Farm Claimes 200,000 Chickens

Officials say a fire broke out at an egg facility in Delaware over the weekend that has claimed the lives of about 200,000 chickens and left damages of up to $1 million.

Fire professionals were on their way to respond to a reported brush fire near 1800 Middleneck Road in Middletown, Delaware on Saturday evening just after 7pm. Enroute they began receiving reports that the fire was spreading onto the nearing property.

Upon arrival, Puglisi Egg Farm's two-story facility was completely engulfed in flames...

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Dec 19 8:00 AM, UB Newswires

Simmons Prepared Foods, Inc. Recalls Boneless Chicken Bites Products

Simmons Prepared Foods Inc., a Van Buren, Ark. establishment, is recalling approximately 26,550 pounds of TGI Fridays boneless chicken bites products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically pieces of clear, hard plastic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The boneless chicken bites items were produced on Oct. 3, 2023. The following products are subject to recall [view labels]:

  • 15-oz. carton containing "TGI FRIDAYS BONELESS CHICKEN BITES HONEY BBQ CHICKEN" with lot code KL3K03 and Best By...
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Dec 19 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Wingstop Names Chris Fallon Chief Information Officer

Wingstop (NASDAQ: WING) named Chris Fallon as SVP, Chief Information Officer today, charged with leading the brand's enterprise and restaurant technology solutions, IT infrastructure and information security.

Chris is an experienced technology leader, where his responsibilities spanned retail back-of-house, corporate, licensed stores and CPG technologies at Starbucks over his 14-year tenure. Most recently, Chris served as Chief Information Officer at Fortune Brands Water Innovations, overseeing the Moen and House of Rohl businesses.

"Wingstop's category of one position is further strengthened by our tech-forward strategy and vision to digitize every...

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Dec 14 9:31 AM, Urner Barry

Blue Apron Expands its Ready-to-Eat Category with the Launch of Prepared & Ready Meals

Blue Apron, the pioneer of the meal kit industry in the U.S., expands its ready-to-eat category with the launch of Prepared & Ready meals, available to order now for weekly shipment starting January 8, 2024. Customers can enjoy increased flexibility, from meal kits to single-serving prepared meals, for ultimate convenience and variety. The Prepared & Ready menu will continue to expand in 2024.

Prepared & Ready chef-crafted meals are delivered fresh and ready to reheat in a microwave within minutes. Each meal is...

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Dec 12 10:16 AM, Urner Barry

PERDUE® Releases Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings, the First Ever Wing Made for Air Fryers, Nationwide

Now available nationwide, PERDUE®’s new Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings, available in Roasted, Hot N’ Spicy and Lemon Pepper varieties, are the first ever at-home wings specifically formulated for air frying. Packed with rich flavor, the new offering is mess-free and allows you to prepare restaurant quality wings quickly and easily at home.

To celebrate the release, for a limited time and limited quantity, the number-one brand of fresh chicken in...

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Dec 8 8:02 AM, Urner Barry

Pelleh Poultry Corp. Recalls Ready-To-Eat Beef and Poultry Products 

Pelleh Poultry Corp., a Swan Lake, N.Y. establishment, is recalling approximately 708 pounds of ready-to-eat (RTE) beef and poultry products that may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The RTE beef and poultry products were packaged on various dates from October 25, 2023, through November 20, 2023. The list of products that are subject to the recall can be found here. The labels for the products subject to recall are available on the FSIS website...

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Dec 4 8:48 AM, Urner Barry

Global Growth Continues to Surge for Hooters, Announces Recent Mexico Development

Hooters®, the original American wing joint, expands its global presence as international development continues to surge. The legacy brand and industry leader recently opened four locations across Mexico, and just opened its newest location in Queretaro Antea this month. The iconic brand has made international growth a centerpiece of its overall growth strategy, with prime territories available overseas and in the United States.

Spearheading Hooters massive growth across Mexico is multi-unit franchisee, Hooters de Mexico led by Paolo Pagnozzi. The Queretaro Antea restaurant is the sixth...

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Nov 29 10:12 AM, Urner Barry

Quiznos Launches Latest Globally Inspired Seasonal Offer: Club Peri Peri Sandwich

Promising innovation with each new creation, Quiznos’ new Club Peri Peri Sandwich is the latest limited-time offer from the iconic sandwich chain that provides a new flare on a familiar favorite and brings flavors from around the world to restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.

The Club Peri Peri Sandwich is made with grilled chicken, creamy peri-peri sauce, bacon, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños and melted cheese, served on Italian white bread. A traditional South African sauce, peri-peri adds a touch of spice to Quiznos’...

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Nov 28 10:34 AM, Urner Barry

HPAI Detected in Commercial Flock; Caroline County, Maryland 

One year since the state's last confirmed case, Maryland has reported another outbreak of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) commonly known as the bird flu.

According to the state's Department of Agriculture, the preliminary confirmation was as a result of an investigation of a broiler operation in Caroline County, just over 2 hours outside of Baltimore. Officials await for United States Department of Agriculture's National Veterinary Services Laboratory to confirm in the coming days.

State officials have quarentined all affected premises and birds of which will be depopulated to deminish...

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Nov 22 8:00 AM, UB Newswires

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Unveils New Restaurant Prototype at Annual “Family Reunion” Conference

Lee’s Famous Recipe® Chicken, a celebrated name in delicious, home-style fried chicken for more than 55 years, recently hosted its “Family Reunion” Brand Conference in Louisville, KY, bringing together employees and franchisees to recognize their top performers. A highlight of the event was having the daughter and granddaughter of the brand’s founder and namesake, Lee Cummings, on-hand to kick off the conference.

“Our annual Brand Conference is an opportunity to honor our amazing team members and spotlight their achievements,” said Ryan Weaver...

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Nov 20 8:03 AM, Urner Barry

Pure Prairie Poultry Launches New Retail Brand

It's been just shy of two years since the Midwest's premium chicken newcomer, Pure Prairie Poultry™, purchased a state-of-the-art chicken processing facility in Charles City, Iowa, that showcased its air-chilled technology. Now, its launched its charter retail brand, named after the company—Pure Prairie Poultry™, emphasis on "pure." Initially offered at more than 50 locations across Coborn's, Cashwise, and Marketplace stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, the company has big plans to grow throughout the Midwest and beyond...

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Nov 17 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Urner Barry’s Market Briefing Provides Insights on Commodity Protein Markets

Urner Barry is the leading provider of protein market news and information in the food industry. Through daily canvasses of the trade and an unrivaled historical database, our analysts are uniquely positioned to report on the underlying conditions and significant disruptors to the market. In this Market Briefing, Urner Barry reporters outline the latest action in the commodity protein markets, highlighting seasonal factors, disruptors, and current supply and demand fundamentals.

Click HERE to view the latest report...

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Nov 16 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

TiNDLE Chicken Makes Official Retail Debut in the United States at Giant Eagle and FreshDirect 

TiNDLE Foods announces the retail debut of TiNDLE Chicken in the United States through select outlets this week, including grocery store chain, Giant Eagle, online grocery provider, FreshDirect, and several popular independent markets on the West Coast including Berkeley Bowl and BESTIES Vegan Paradise. This marks the first time that shoppers in America can find TiNDLE Chicken products in their grocery aisles, after successful launches earlier this year in Europe, including Whole Foods Market and Morrisons in the UK and the EDEKA Group, Germany's largest...

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Nov 15 8:00 AM, Urner Barry

Brazil Food Processor BRF Widens Net Loss in Q3 on Grain Prices, Chicken Glut

BRF SA, the Brazilian pork and poultry processor, widened its third-quarter loss from the year-ago period as it continued to deal with a chicken oversupply while also trying to rein in grain prices, it said on Monday.

BRF reported a 262 million real ($53.37 million) net loss in the third quarter, larger than the 136.7 million loss a year ago but slightly better than an LSEG consensus forecast of a 279 million real loss.

Despite the hit, BRF said improvements in the company's...

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Nov 14 8:40 AM, Foodmarket

JX Restaurant, Inc. Recalls Chicken Products Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens

JX Restaurant, Inc., a Maryland Heights, Mo. establishment, is recalling approximately 621 pounds of fully-cooked chicken product due to misbranding and undeclared allergens, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today. The product contains sesame oil, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label.

The fully-cooked chicken product was produced on various dates between Oct. 27 and Nov. 8, 2023. The following product is subject to recall [view labels]...


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Nov 13 8:03 AM, Urner Barry

Bird Flu Infects Commercial Table Egg Layer Farm for First Time in 11 Months

A commercial table egg layer operation has tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), or bird flu, for the first time in eleven months. 

The impacted operation had 940,000 birds in Wright County, Minnesota, according to USDA data. The government lists the confirmation data as November 3, 2023. 

Prior to last week's detection, the latest commercial layer operation to be hit by bird flu was a farm with 239,700 birds in Weld County, Colorado on December 20, 2022...


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Nov 7 8:00 AM, UB Newswires

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