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ANALYSIS: A Return to the Seasonal Norm

As we inch towards Thanksgiving and participants eagerly await fill-in business to develop, the return of seasonality this year has caught the attention of industry veterans who were beginning to forget what it looked like...

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Oct 17 8:33 AM, Urner Barry

YOUBITE, LLC Recalls Pork Sausage and Turkey Sausage Products Due to Mislabeling

YOUBITE, LLC, a Camarillo, Calif. establishment, is recalling approximately 7,197 pounds of raw and ready-to-eat, pork sausage and turkey sausage products that contain either natural sheep or natural pork casings that were not declared on the product label, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The raw and fully cooked, ready-to-eat, pork sausage and turkey sausage items were produced on various dates from Oct. 9, 2018 to Oct. 9, 2019. The following products are subject to recall...

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Oct 14 8:43 AM, General News

Natural Grocers Expands Meat and Seafood Department

Natural Grocers recently refreshed its Meat and Seafood Department selections in all its grocery stores across 19 states. The new and improved Meat and Seafood Department features high-quality and exotic varieties of grass-fed meat, pork, poultry, fish and seafood. Customers can expect a wide variety of offerings including, bison, beef, yak, wild boar, elk, venison, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, ostrich, cod, mahi mahi, salmon, scallops, shrimp, tuna, pollock, rockfish and sole.

"Our standards ensure that all of our meat is naturally and humanely raised and our seafood is sustainably sourced, which we believe is the best for...

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Oct 10 8:51 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Tallying Up Turkey Export Tonnage

With August marking the fifth consecutive month of YoY advancements in total turkey export volume, it’s safe to say that, so far, 2019 has proven to be...

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Oct 10 8:31 AM, Urner Barry

Butterball Debuts Inaugural Social Responsibility Report

Today, Butterball launched its inaugural corporate social responsibility report, “The Butterball Way,” which showcases how Butterball delivered responsible, sustainable food and agriculture practices in 2018. This first report also outlines goals for continued growth in the years ahead.

“We’ve seen an increasing demand for greater transparency in sustainable business practices from those who serve, sell and consume Butterball products. Publishing this first public-facing corporate social responsibility report underscores our commitment to responsible food production and agricultural practices,” says Butterball President and CEO, Jay Jandrain. “We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence for how we do business, from our commitment to our people and the care and well-being of our turkeys to our stewardship of the environment and...

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Oct 8 11:39 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Turkey Production Tug of War

As we enter Q4, and without any significant hurdles between now and Thanksgiving, marketers of retail packaged turkeys are gearing up for a seasonally hectic pace associated with fulfilling and delivering voluminous holiday orders...

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Oct 3 8:23 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Keeping Tabs on Frozen Turkey Inventory

Monday’s release of the USDA’s Cold Storage Report for the period ending August 31st marks the fifth consecutive month of YoY reductions of total frozen turkey holdings...

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Sep 26 8:22 AM, Urner Barry

National Turkey Federation Testifies on Capitol Hill 

Today, Ron Kardel, Vice Chairman of the National Turkey Federation, testified before the Senate Agriculture Committee on Capitol Hill. Kardel updated the Committee on the state of the turkey industry, including topics such as exports, disease prevention and response, immigration, and research concerns. Kardel began with thanking the Committee for the opportunity, informing those at the hearing that there were more than 244 million turkeys raised in the United States last year. Kardel added that the USDA projects 5.8 billion pounds of turkey production to take place this year. The turkey industry generates 441,000 jobs, and in order to support these jobs, Kardel explained that policies coming out of Washington must maintain America's ability to thrive. Kardel spoke on behalf of the turkey industry when he expressed the anticipation of working with Congress and the Committee to address these issues.

Kardel mentioned the importance of exports to the turkey industry, stating that expanded trade would lead to significant growth and reducing uncertainty is imperative. Therefore, Kardel strongly urged Congress to pass the USMCA this fall, as this should not be a partisan issue. Kardel mentioned that the turkey industry has a fantastic relationship with...

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Sep 25 11:35 AM, Urner Barry

The Makers of Hormel Mary Kitchen Hash Announce New Frozen Varieties

The makers of Hormel Mary Kitchen hash, America's No. 1 selling hash, announced today the launch of an innovative meal solution for the frozen breakfast foods aisle – the brand's first offering outside of the can since first coming off the production line 70 years ago.

The new items include two varieties of frozen hash – corned beef hash and turkey sausage sweet potato – and include more than 9 grams of protein in each serving. Made with a hearty blend of quality meats, roasted potatoes, onions, red bell peppers and a touch of select seasonings, Hormel Mary Kitchen frozen hash is sure to satisfy your craving for breakfast.

"Our new Hormel Mary Kitchen frozen hash products are a perfect way to...

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Sep 19 9:02 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Checking In On The Turkey Hatch

When it comes to turkey poult placements, 2019 has consistently trended below 2018 levels and August was no exception...

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Sep 19 8:15 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Beefing Up Turkey Exports

Despite positive performance in the latest turkey export figures, they still fell short of the buoyed expectations fueled by the Japan trade agreement back in...

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Sep 12 8:14 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Balancing the Supply and Demand Scale

Without any major food-oriented holidays left between now and Thanksgiving, whole bird market participants turn their attention toward November in anticipation of what’s to come... 

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Sep 5 8:17 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Gearing Up for Turkey Season

As we enter the final stretch of Q3, turkey market participants put their game faces on as whole bird season gets its second wind...

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Aug 29 9:04 AM, Urner Barry

Mrs. Ressler's Food Products Acquires Emils Organics 

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Aug 27 8:18 AM, General News

U.S. Poultry, Egg Industries Welcome Announcement of Japan Trade Agreement

U.S. poultry and egg organizations welcome the announcement of a trade agreement between the United States and Japan, an achievement that stands to benefit our industry.

“Frozen chicken, turkey, and processed egg products will receive favorable tariff reductions enabling our products to compete more effectively with those of countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC), National Chicken Council (NCC), National Turkey Federation (NTF) and United Egg Producers (UEP) said in a joint statement issued Monday.

“While this is just the first stage of a bilateral agreement, it is welcome news and we would like to thank President Trump, Secretary Perdue and Secretary Lighthizer for...

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Aug 27 8:15 AM, General News

Analyzing Genomes to Improve Disease Control in Poultry

Marek's disease—a highly contagious viral disease caused by a herpesvirus—is a constant threat to poultry worldwide. It is also one of the most preventable diseases with vaccination. However, while vaccines prevent poultry from becoming sick with symptoms of the virus, they do not prevent virus spread and mutation—considered the main reason for increased virus virulence, or severity, in field strains in U.S. commercial flocks.

To help improve the control of Marek's disease, veterinary medical officer John Dunn and his team at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory in East Lansing, Michigan, analyzed Marek's disease genomes to find out which genes are mostly associated with virulence. They sequenced DNA from 70 virus strains, collected over the years from across the United States, and identified significant genetic variants...

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Aug 23 10:27 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: RTC Production: A Comparison Between Monthly and Weekly Data

As illustrated by our chart, monthly YTD ready-to-cook tonnage and the data derived from the weekly slaughter report have generally followed a similar rate of increase. The monthly data however, has consistently tended above the monthly RTC figures...

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Aug 22 9:45 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Turkey Thigh Meat and Boneless Pork Hams At a Crossroads

From an historical standpoint, marketers of turkey thigh meat and boneless pork ham are no strangers to some cross-protein rivalry...

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Aug 15 8:22 AM, Urner Barry

Oregon Passes Cage-Free Egg Law 

Senate Bill 1019 has been signed into law in Oregon, requiring all eggs sold within the state border to come from cage-free facilities. Through passing this legislation in Oregon, all states on the west coast now have laws in place requiring eggs to come from cage-free hens. Similar to laws passed in California and Washington, the new law in Oregon requires that eggs produced and sold in the state come from cage-free barns that have scratching areas, perches, nest boxes, dust bathing areas, and other enrichments that allow the hens to exhibit natural behavior. These standards are based off of the United Egg Producer's Animal Husbandry Guidelines for U.S. Egg-Laying Flocks, and will go into effect by the end of 2023.

The term "egg-laying hen," addressed in the bill, applies to any female domesticated chicken, turkey, duck, goose, guinea fowl, or other species of fowl that is kept for the purpose of egg production. Egg products are included in this new law, but does include products such as...

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Aug 13 10:17 AM, Urner Barry

USPOULTRY Releases Report of Antimicrobial Use Across U.S. Broiler Chickens and Turkeys

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association announced last week the release of the U.S. poultry industry’s first-ever report quantifying antimicrobial use on broiler chicken and turkey farms. The new report shows dramatic reductions of turkey and broiler chicken antimicrobial use over a five-year timeframe. As part of its commitment to the transparency and sustainability of a safe food supply, the poultry industry aims to strike a balance between keeping poultry flocks healthy and the responsible use of antimicrobials, especially those medically important to human health.

Under the research direction of Dr. Randall Singer, DVM, PhD, of Mindwalk Consulting Group, LLC, this report represents a five-year set of data collected from 2013 to 2017 regarding the use of antimicrobials in U.S. broiler chickens and turkeys throughout their lifetime, from hatchery to day of harvest. It was prepared through a systematic collection of on-farm antimicrobial use data to capture the...

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Aug 12 11:26 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Turkey Demand Drives YoY Export Advances

As evidenced by the USDA’s most recent turkey export data, June turned out to be a fruitful month for those on the sell side of the equation...

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Aug 8 8:45 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Adding a Spring to Turkey’s Summertime Stride

Following what many players would term as a sluggish start to this year’s seasonally anticipated turkey white meat rally, marketers are finally embracing the return of some noteworthy seasonal underpinnings...

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Aug 1 8:20 AM, Urner Barry

Hormel Foods Launches New Single-Serve Lunchmeat

The makers of Hormel® Natural Choice® deli meats announced today the addition of new single-serve lunchmeat options, further expanding the brand's growing portfolio of 100 percent natural deli meats, snacks and bacons made without artificial preservatives or ingredients.

Packaged with 2 ounces – or five slices – of 100 percent natural* deli meat, the new offering provides additional, convenient choices for consumers to enjoy their favorite lunch meat.

"We've received feedback from consumers that smaller households sometimes struggle to get through the entire package of lunchmeat, so we wanted to provide...

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Jul 25 8:27 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Tallying up Turkey Tonnage

Monday’s release of the latest Cold Storage Report closely aligns with the market undercurrent and trade sentiment about which Urner Barry has been reporting...

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Jul 25 8:21 AM, Urner Barry

Early Bird Pricing Ends SOON for Global Protein Summit in Chicago

Urner Barry, the leading provider of protein market news and information in the food industry, is hosting a brand-new event specifically designed for those in the beef, pork, and poultry industry on October 6-8, in Chicago.

Urner Barry’s Global Protein Summit has been designed to bring clarity and insight into the increasingly complex business of food and agriculture, with a two-day agenda packed with intel from the foremost experts on economics and agribusiness. Throughout the event, hear from top speakers and analysts on China and other global trade partners, African Swine Fever, alternative proteins, changing consumer demands, and what to look out for as we move forward. A few speakers now include...

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Jul 24 8:22 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: A Bird’s Eye View of Poult Placement Figures

Monday’s release of the USDA’s Turkey Hatch Report continues to shed light on 2019’s declining poult placement trend...

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Jul 18 8:27 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: An Updraft in May’s Turkey Exports

By the looks of the USDA’s most recent data, May proved to be a lively month for those involved in turkey exports...

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Jul 11 9:00 AM, Urner Barry

NTF to Address State of Turkey Industry on Capitol Hill 

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) released a statement today on the announcement of a hearing before the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture. The hearing will feature testimony from several producers from the livestock and poultry industries. John Zimmerman, a Minnesota turkey grower and NTF Executive Committee member, will represent the turkey industry.

“NTF is honored to have the opportunity to testify before the Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Subcommittee on issues affecting the turkey industry and where we find ourselves in today’s rapidly changing landscape,” said Joel Brandenberger..."

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Jul 10 8:59 AM, General News

Jul 8 9:18 AM, Urner Barry Video

Alternative Proteins Expand at Retail;
Movers of the Week from the HRI Buyers Guide;
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ANALYSIS: Turkey Cold Storage Mirrors Market Ups and Downs

Last Friday’s release of the USDA’s Cold Storage Report closely coincides with the day-to-day experiences and overall trade sentiment of most turkey market participants...

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Jun 27 8:55 AM, Urner Barry

Boston Market Launches New Summer Sandwich Menu 

The first day of summer – and longest day of the year – is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: time to sack the sad sack lunch. While the nation gears up for summer Fridays and weekend picnics in the park, we quickly forget that lunch is arguably the most important meal of the day, and no one deserves a subpar sandwich. To help guide the way (well, minus the "sub") toward more mouth-watering midday options, the rotisserie everything experts at Boston Market® are debuting four new sandwich offerings this month that must be tasted to be believed – literally.

Friday, June 21 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Boston Market is inviting everyone to leave that corner bakery and/or cafe in the dust and enjoy a free sandwich on the house – pitting "theirs" against ours in a full-on sandwich throwdown. Simply bring in your current favorite sandwich and taste the difference fresh, never frozen (and never "fil-a'd") rotisserie chicken can make. You'll be hooked. Guests are then invited to vote for...

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Jun 17 12:10 PM, General News

ANALYSIS: April Turkey Exports: A Year Over Year Assessment

According to the USDA’s most recent data, total turkey exports for the month of April came in just shy of 25,200 metric tons; a substantial 8.2% rise over this time last year...

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Jun 13 9:03 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Tom Weights and Breast Meat Values

As marketers patiently await “deli season” and the improvement in buying outreach which typically comes along with it, they turn their attention to the supply side in an effort to further refine their market expectations...

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Jun 6 9:21 AM, Urner Barry

Technavio: Global Poultry Market Projected to Grow 

The global poultry meat market is expected to post a CAGR of about 4% during the period 2019-2023, according to the latest market research report by Technavio.

A key factor driving the growth of the global poultry meat market is the increasing import and export of poultry meat. Various countries have increased the import of chicken meat in recent years. For instance, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China, and Iraq were some of the key importers of chicken meat during 2018. In addition, there has been a significant increase in the import of chicken meat from emerging economies including Philippines owing to the rising demand for chicken meat among the consumers. Therefore, the rising export of chicken meat from...

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Jun 4 8:27 AM, General News

Butterball Launches New Flavor In Premium Deli Portfolio

In 2018, Butterball launched its premium deli portfolio, featuring specialty and seasoned items with category-driving flavors that were selected specifically for the premium set. This year, Butterball is adding to this premium line with its new flavor option, Herb Roasted Thanksgiving Style Turkey Breast, to build on the Thanksgiving flavor Butterball is most recognized for. Joining Butterball’s signature Thanksgiving Style Roasted Turkey Breast product, the Herb Roasted Thanksgiving Style item will deliver a unique and complimentary flavor profile to any deli case. Oven roasted with a topical herb seasoning, this product allows consumers to enjoy the savory flavor combination of holiday stuffing and oven roasted turkey year-round.

Each of the following deli turkey and chicken items provide consumers with a premium eating experience and wholesome ingredients...

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May 31 2:19 PM, General News

As Grilling Season Begins, Turkey Patties Take Off

Summer is coming up, and with it comes grilling. While beef and pork have long held dominion over the summer grill, there’s been increased interest in turkey patties for grilling in recent years, as consumers lean towards more lower calorie options. Turkey has long been a go-to for burger substitutes due to its low fat content, good micronutrient profile, and a perceived “health halo”.

n the past, consumers have found turkey patties to lack sufficient flavor. Last year, unseasoned turkey patty sales fell eight percent. To remedy this situation... 

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May 31 8:22 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Monthly Slaughter Report Helps to Clarify Cold Storage Plateau

Back in the end of March, Urner Barry called into question the accuracy of February’s inventory figures stating...

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May 30 9:09 AM, Urner Barry

Perdue Responds to UGA Study on USMCA

The University of Georgia recently published a study claiming the new United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement would cost some Georgia vegetable and fruit growers revenue and jobs. The sensational assertions are flat wrong. As a proud UGA alumnus, I’m here to tell you USMCA is good for Georgia’s farmers and all American agriculture.

Chapter by chapter, verse by verse, USMCA improves virtually every component of NAFTA and Georgia’s agriculture industry stands to gain significantly. It’s important to note we didn’t get all the improvements we wanted for seasonal fruits and vegetables. While we were hopeful we could make progress in the renewed NAFTA, USMCA isn’t a step backward. The UGA study assumed we lost ground, but the facts are it wasn’t ground we had to begin with. Since the inception of NAFTA more than 20 years ago, agricultural trade between our three countries has...

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May 29 10:04 AM, General News

Sikorski Sausages Co Ltd Recalls Meat and Poultry Sausage Products 

Sikorski Sausages Co., Ltd., a London, Ontario, Canada establishment, is recalling approximately 74 pounds of various imported meat and poultry sausage products that were not presented for import re-inspection into the United Sates, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The various ready-to-eat meat and poultry sausage items were imported on May 14, 2019. This spreadsheet contains a list of the products subject to the recall.

The products subject to recall bear Canadian establishment number...

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May 28 9:07 AM, General News

MIBO Fresh Foods LLC Recalls Salad with Meat Products

MIBO Fresh Foods LLC, a Fort Worth, Texas establishment, is recalling approximately 1,460 pounds of salad with meat products due to misbranding and undeclared allergens, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today. The product contains anchovies, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label.

The ready-to-eat Chef salad with ham and turkey items was produced on May 10 and May 13, 2019. The following products are subject to recall...

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May 16 8:57 AM, General News

May 9 9:03 AM, Urner Barry Video

WalMart sustainability Index;
Turkey Thigh Meat Quotations;
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May 7 9:34 AM, Urner Barry Video

The National Retail Federation has issued a response to raise tariffs;
Frozen ready meals market expected to grow;
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May 3 9:31 AM, Urner Barry Video

U.S. Exports for Meat Commodities;
Chicken Price Analysis;
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UB Executive Conference: Meat and Poultry Panel Captivates with Complex Analysis and Insight

Day two of the 2019 Executive Conference was filled with premium analysis and top insights, and it all led up to the highly anticipated Reporter Panel discussions. This year, the congruent breakout sessions featured a Poultry and Red Meat panel, with Urner Barry Market Reporters Gary Morrison, Dylan Hughes, Russell Barton, and Evan Addis. Here are a just few highlights from the session:

Examining a few macro-economic factors, Gary Morrison kicked off the conversation noting that the stock market is in its longest bull run in history. There is record low unemployment. Consumer confidence is up, and wages are rising. And it’s protein that tends to benefit from more spending—as consumer spending buoys consumption.

“Right now, we’re seeing all-time... 

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May 2 12:16 PM, Urner Barry

U.S. Exports for Most Major Meat Commodities Grew in 2018

U.S. exports of beef, pork, and broilers (young chickens) were strong in 2018, driven by domestic production increases and favorable foreign demand. Compared to the previous year, beef exports increased 10.3 percent, pork exports increased 4.2 percent, and broiler exports were 4.1 percent higher than in 2017. Lamb and mutton exports were 1.5 percent lower despite stronger domestic production. Turkey exports declined 1.8 percent, with lower turkey production likely a contributing factor. Egg exports were 6.1 percent lower in 2018 than a year earlier, while production increased 2.1 percent year over year.

The ERS Livestock and Meat International Trade Data product provides monthly and annual data on U.S. meat and livestock exports and imports. The data are broken down by country and commodity and are available for cattle, beef, hogs and pigs, pork, lamb and mutton, broilers, turkeys, and eggs. An analysis of the data helps explain...

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May 2 12:09 PM, General News

Final Investigation of Salmonella Infections Linked to Raw Turkey 

The final public update by the CDC of a Salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey products has been released due to the number of newly reported illnesses decreasing. About a month has gone by since people reported getting sick. Illnesses in this outbreak occurred from November 20, 2017 to March 31, 2019. However, consumers can continue to get sick because this Salmonella strain is present throughout the turkey industry, including raw turkey products, packaged raw pet food, and live turkeys. The CDC stated that it will continue to monitor the Pulsenet database for any new illnesses, and public health partners will continue to investigate any newly reported illnesses.

State and local health departments interviewed people about foods consumed and other exposures in the week before they became ill. Of the 200 sick people interviewed...

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May 2 10:03 AM, Urner Barry

May 2 9:36 AM, Urner Barry Video

Consumers Return to Frozen Foods;
GAPP and Trident Announce Partnership;
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Urner Barry to Host Global Protein Summit in Chicago This Fall

Urner Barry, the leading provider of protein market news and information in the food industry, is pleased to announce a brand-new event designed to bring clarity and insight into the increasingly complex business of food and agriculture, through the first-ever Global Protein Summit.

Urner Barry’s Global Protein Summit will be held in Chicago on October 7-8, 2019. Specifically designed for those in the beef, pork, and poultry industry, this two-day agenda is packed with intel from the foremost experts on economics and agribusiness. Hear from top speakers and analysts on China and other global trade partners, African Swine Fever, alternative proteins, changing consumer demands, and what to look out for as we move forward.

“We understand how complex this environment has become, and how hard it is to navigate through the rapid pace of change in the global protein markets,” says Jim Kenny, COO at Urner Barry. “Our customers are telling us that...

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May 1 8:23 AM, Urner Barry

This Week in Retail: The Rundown on Easter Features

Pork moved into the top spot this week just in time for the holiday, claiming 25.4 percent of protein feature volume. Beef came in second, scoring 23.6 percent, with seafood closely following at 23 percent. Chicken accounted for 16.2 percent. Turkey features were bumped up to 5.6 percent, compared to 3.6 the week prior.

When comparing holiday week retail prices year-over-year, we have to go back to the week of March 26th, 2018, as Easter fell three weeks earlier last year. Looking at the retail ham complex, ham features come in at an average price of $1.66 per pound, compared to $1.86 per pound during the week leading up to Easter a year ago. That’s an 11 percent drop YOY and should...

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Apr 18 12:24 PM, UB Newswires

U.S. Beef, Poultry and Egg Products Gain New Market Access in Tunisia

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced today that the government of Tunisia and the United States have finalized U.S. export certificates to allow imports of U.S. beef, poultry, and egg products into Tunisia.  This announcement follows meetings between U.S. and Tunisian officials on the safety and wholesomeness of U.S. beef, poultry, and egg products.

“President Trump continues to prioritize the opening of new markets for U.S. agricultural products, and we welcome Tunisia’s agreement to begin imports of U.S. beef, poultry, and egg products,” said Ambassador Lighthizer. “New access to the Tunisian market is an important step in ensuring that American farmers and ranchers can continue to expand their exports of U.S. agricultural products.”

“I'm convinced that when the Tunisians get a taste of U.S. beef, poultry, and eggs, they're going to want more. These products coming into Tunisia are...

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Apr 18 8:16 AM, General News

Technomic: Growing Chains Keep Chicken in the Spotlight while Turkey Struggles with Momentum

Technomic's 2019 Center of the Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report shows that innovation is necessary for turkey dishes to be at the forefront of consumers' minds year-round. Craveable preparations, particularly outside the holiday season, could encourage more diners to consider turkey dishes, according to the report. Meanwhile, chicken remains a staple of the American diet, and consumers' love for the protein shows no signs of slowing.

"At a time when growth is hard to come by, the limited-service chicken category is performing exceptionally well," explains Charles Winship, senior research analyst at Technomic. "The category's growth has ramifications across ...

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Mar 27 9:41 AM, General News

Butterball LLC Recalls Turkey Products

Butterball, LLC, a Mount Olive, N.C. establishment, is recalling approximately 78,164 pounds of raw ground turkey products that may be contaminated with Salmonella Schwarzengrund, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The prepacked raw ground turkey was produced on July 7, 2018. The following products are subject to recall ...

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Mar 14 8:25 AM, General News

Boar's Head Brand Expands its Simplicity Line to the Delight of All Natural and Organic Shoppers

Boar's Head Brand®, one of the nation's leading providers of premium fine crafted foods products, is excited to give shoppers more options to choose from when selecting all natural and organic products for themselves and their families. Boar's Head Simplicity® line, launched in 2016 with a few selected items, now offers a complete line of products in categories such as beef, turkey, ham, cheese, bacon, franks, charcuterie and hummus.

"In the past, consumers who chose all natural and organic products believed they needed to trade taste for these attributes. At Boar's head, we disagree. We leveraged over a century of experience in crafting fine foods along with our culinary expertise to deliver both things in our newly expanded Simplicity line. The response has been...

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Feb 25 10:02 AM, General News

Hain Celestial Group Completes Sale of Plainville Farms 

The Hain Celestial Group, a leading organic and natural products company with operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East providing consumers with A Healthier Way of Life, today announced that it has completed the first step in its divestiture of the Hain Pure Protein operating segment with the sale of the Plainville Farms business to Plainville Brands, LLC. The sale brings Plainville back to its roots as a truly independent company backed by a group of private investors committed to the long-term success of the business.

As a result of the sale, the leadership team at Plainville remains in place and will ...


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Feb 22 12:07 PM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Turkey Breasts and Breast Meat Close the Price Gap

Following a multi-year departure from the historical norm, the price spread between bone-in and boneless turkey breast quotations has gradually shifted back into something a little bit more recognizable...

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Feb 7 9:28 AM, Urner Barry

Perdue Foods Appoints David Zucker as its First SVP of E-Commerce and New Ventures

Perdue Foods has announced the appointment of David Zucker as Senior Vice President of E-Commerce and New Ventures, a new position for the company. Zucker will oversee all aspects of Perdue’s e-commerce strategy.

“E-commerce is an increasingly important part of the Perdue Foods growth plan, and we’re pleased that David Zucker is onboard to lead our efforts,” said Mark McKay, President of Perdue Premium Poultry. “We have to meet consumers where ...

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Jan 24 11:28 AM, General News

White Castle Adds New Turkey and Cheddar Slider to Expanding Retail Product Lineup

White Castle, America's first fast-food hamburger chain and pioneer of the slider, today announced the addition of the new Turkey Slider to its expanding and ever-craveable retail product line. The new Turkey Slider, made with a Butterball® all natural white meat turkey patty, topped with smoked cheddar cheese and served on a White Castle signature bun, will begin to arrive on shelves in March and adds to a diverse lineup of retail offerings available at grocery, mass, dollar and convenience stores across the United States.

Since becoming one of the first restaurant brands to offer its menu items in retail over 30 years ago, White Castle has been innovating to add new products that cover every hunger. Today, White Castle's retail lineup has grown beyond hamburgers and cheeseburgers to include ...

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Jan 23 3:43 PM, General News

Jon Nash to Lead Cargill’s North American Protein Business 

Cargill has selected Jon Nash to lead its North American protein business. He will report to Brian Sikes, who was recently appointed to the executive team as leader of the company’s global protein and salt businesses.

Nash began his career at Cargill in 1998. Most recently, he was the president of Cargill’s Protein foodservice business, where he strengthened and built strategic customer relationships. He brings a diverse mix of commercial, operations and finance experience. Nash has served as vice president of operations and was the general manager and controller of the ...

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Jan 16 8:36 AM, General News

Urner Barry Announces Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Executive Conference in Las Vegas

Urner Barry’s 2019 Executive Conference is just around the corner, and we are so excited to announce this year’s keynote speaker will be (drumroll please…) Arby’s President Rob Lynch!

That’s right. Rob Lynch, along with a host of top speakers and strategists, will be headlining this must-attend event at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, April 28-30th.  

Rob Lynch serves as President of Arby’s, part of Inspire Brands. Inspire is a multi-brand restaurant company whose portfolio includes more than 8,300 Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, SONIC Drive-In, and Rusty Taco locations worldwide.

Inspire Brands closed out 2018 with the $2.3 billion acquisition of Sonic Corp, making it the fifth largest restaurant company in the U.S...

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Jan 10 9:01 AM, Urner Barry

Dunkin’ Brings New Go2s Value Menu Choices to its January Menu

January is a time when many Americans put saving money at the top of their list of New Year’s resolutions. Dunkin’ is giving guests a great way to start 2019 with great value choices, offering its popular Dunkin’ Go2s value menu to bring customers the chance to choose from three of the brand’s popular breakfast menu items priced at $2, $4 and $5 for two of their go-to favorites.

Available beginning today at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide for a limited time, the Dunkin’ Go2s menu includes ...

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Jan 9 9:04 AM, General News

When it Seemed People were Growing more Detached from Farming, “Generation Yum” Delivered a Surprise

Young people are living up to the “Generation Yum” label coined by author Eve Turow with their connection to the people, places and practices that raise our food—according to new research from Cargill.

“I’m thrilled that people are deepening their understanding of agriculture,” said Hilary Maricle, co-owner of Maricle Family Farms in Nebraska, U.S., and mom of five. “By creating harmony between farmers and consumers, we can help people appreciate where their food comes from—and how innovative practices are creating healthier, more sustainable farms ...

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Jan 8 10:20 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Frozen Bagged Turkeys Maintain Price Solidity

With 2018 in the rear-view mirror, turkey market participants now take some time to develop their expectations for 2019...

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Jan 4 9:34 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Turkey Freezer Stocks: Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Following what is arguably the most logistically challenging time of the year, last Friday’s Cold Storage Report gave...

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Dec 27 8:43 AM, Urner Barry

Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, Inc. Recalls Raw Ground Turkey Products

Class I Recall
Health Risk: High

Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, Inc., a Faribault, Minn. establishment, is recalling approximately 164,210 pounds of raw ground turkey products that may be contaminated with Salmonella Reading, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The raw ground turkey items were produced on October 22, 2018 and October 23, 2018. The following products are subject to recall ...


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Dec 26 8:45 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Countdown to Christmas

It’s the final shopping week before Christmas—only four days left to procure last minute gifts and the vast amount of food needed to stock the fridge for visiting guests and holiday meals.

In a last minute shake up before the holiday, pork has taken over the top spot among protein ads this week with 26.5 percent! In second place is beef with 24.1 percent of total protein ad volume, followed by seafood with 23.8 percent. Chicken has fallen back to 11.2 percent, compared to 19 the previous week. Turkey features are up to 8.6 percent from just 3.2 percent last week.

Hams make up the largest portion of pork features this week, claiming 38.1 percent. Ad prices for hams are lower overall compared to a year ago, averaging $1.77 per pound. That’s nearly...

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Dec 21 8:03 AM, UB Newswires

NTF Applauds Passage of 2018 Farm Bill

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) released the following statement on passage of the 2018 Farm Bill Conference Report by the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate:

“The 2018 Farm Bill represents an unprecedented investment in animal health. The health of the turkey industry depends upon the health of our flocks. The National Turkey Federation applauds passage of the Farm Bill and the inclusion of key provisions to help make certain animal health is a priority and that there is a coordinated effort in place to address any threats. The creation of the National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program, along with mandatory funding, will provide the tools and resources animal agriculture needs to help prevent, identify and respond to disease outbreaks.

“The National Turkey Federation has been working alongside members of the animal agriculture industry for several years to see these tools to strengthen animal health become a reality. The threat of...

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Dec 13 9:22 AM, General News

Boston Market makes Holiday Prep a Breeze with Festive Meal Solutions for All

Signature Holiday Heat & Serve meals including Prime Rib, Holiday Home Delivery, Catering and more are available during the most wonderful time of the year

Prime Rib? Ham? Turkey? Check! Holiday hosts can check every item off their grocery list this year with the help of the Holiday Experts at Boston Market®. For those who wish to pick up and bring home a pre-cooked holiday feast, have one shipped directly to their door or even enlist catering services for their social or work event this month, Boston Market is offering a variety of meal solutions to make any celebration just that much more merry and bright.

"We pride ourselves on helping so many make their holiday meals special by providing more time for families at the table instead of the kitchen," stated Boston Market Chief Executive Officer, Frances Allen. "Let us do the work for you ahead of any holiday celebration you have on the calendar leading up to the New Year. With options like Prime Rib Heat & Serve, Holiday Home Delivery, hot and ready-to-eat catering and ...

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Dec 11 9:09 AM, General News

CTI Foods LLC, Recalls Ready-To-Eat Pork and Poultry Sausage Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Class I Recall 
Health Risk: High

CTI Foods LLC, an Owingsville, Ky. establishment, is recalling approximately 29,028 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat (RTE) pork and poultry sausage links products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically pieces of metal, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The frozen, ready-to-eat sausage links items were produced and packaged on Aug. 4, 2018. The following products are subject to recall:

23.4-oz. pouches of “Jimmy Dean HEAT ’n SERVE Original SAUSAGE LINKS Made with Pork & Turkey” with a Use By date of Jan. 31, 19. The product bears case code A6382168, with a time stamp range of 11:58 through 01:49.

The products subject to recall bear establishment number ...

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Dec 11 8:43 AM, General News

Stampede Meat Newly Renovated Facility Opens

Stampede Meat celebrates the grand opening of its New Mexico plant after a $36 million investment 

The newly renovated facility will drive immediate growth for Stampede and create 1,295 new jobs

Stampede Meat, Inc., announced its grand opening today at a ribbon cutting ceremony, just five short months after announcing the company's expansion outisde of Illinois for the first time in its 24-year history. Stampede will invest more than $36 million to renovate and reopen the former Tyson Foods facility in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Over the next year, the facility will increase Stampede's existing 285,000 square footage and 190 million-pound capacity by more than half. Once fully utilized, the facility will support $300 to 400 million in incremental top line growth.

Stampede Meat CEO and President Brock Furlong was joined by New Mexico Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary Matt Geisel at the ceremony. "We are poised to have our single largest sales growth in our 24-year history, due in no small part to this critical investment ...

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Dec 7 3:30 PM, Urner Barry

National Turkey Federation Chairman Presents National Thanksgiving Turkey to President Trump 

National Turkey Federation Chairman Jeff Sveen presented the National Thanksgiving Turkey named “Peas” to President Donald J. Trump today during the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation. The National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation is a time-honored American tradition, which is marking its 71st year since the presentation began in 1947.

“Thanksgiving is a time of great American traditions, and today we continue a very special one—when a lucky Turkey gets a presidential pardon,” said President Trump. “In this grand tradition, I am pleased to announce that...

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Nov 21 9:02 AM, General News

Gabbing about Gobblers: Turkey Talk with Russ Whitman

Russ Whitman is in the studio to discuss seasonal trends in the Turkey market, specifically the... 

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Nov 19 9:42 AM, Urner Barry

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Prepares to Serve Guests this Thanksgiving 

On Cracker Barrel’s busiest day of the year, America’s Thanksgiving experts offer three ways for guests to relax and enjoy the holiday

This Thanksgiving, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® is connecting family and friends around the table by offering several in-store and carryout meal options to help guests put the focus back on time spent with family. As the Thanksgiving expert, Cracker Barrel will once again offer its Homestyle Turkey n’ Dressing Meals for in-store guests, as well as its popular...

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Nov 19 9:42 AM, General News

Meat Institute Testifies at Hearing Assessing Economic Impact of New U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

SVP of International Affairs Bill Westman underscores importance of North American trade for U.S. meat sector

North American Meat Institute (Meat Institute) Senior Vice President of International Affairs Bill Westman today emphasized the critical importance of the Canadian and Mexican export markets to the long-term economic strength of the U.S. meat and livestock sectors in testimony before the U.S. International Trade Commission. During the hearing, which sought input on the economic impact of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Westman affirmed that...

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Nov 19 9:26 AM, General News

Jennie-O Turkey Store Provides Information on Limited Voluntary Recall of Raw Ground Turkey Products

Jennie-O Turkey Store has voluntarily recalled a limited amount of raw ground turkey products, involving one production line from a single day’s production. Information for consumers is available on the Jennie-O Turkey Store website at

The recall only includes fresh raw ground turkey with expiration dates of 10/1 and 10/2 and is no longer in stores. Please note, no other Jennie-O® varieties, other packaging configurations, or code dates are included in this recall.

Statement from Jennie-O President, Steve Lykken:

“On behalf of the thousands of Jennie-O team members, we were concerned to learn that someone became ill after exposure to Salmonella in a raw turkey product. The turkey industry has... 

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Nov 19 9:25 AM, General News

Jennie-O Turkey Recalls Raw Ground Turkey Products due to Possible Salmonella Reading Contamination

Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC, a Barron, Wis. establishment, is recalling approximately 91,388 pounds of raw ground turkey products that may be associated with an illness outbreak of Salmonella Reading, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The raw ground turkey products items were produced on September 11, 2018. The following products are subject to recall...

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Nov 16 9:19 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Thanksgiving Outlook 2018

Thanksgiving is next week, and some supermarket shelves are already being cleared of some key essentials. As grocers restock in an attempt to keep up with demand, we have the latest outlook on what Turkey Day 2018 will bring.

The Show-Stopper

First, let’s take a look at the bird. ‘Tis the feast of fowl after all.  Buying opportunities at retail have more than doubled since last week, currently claiming 16 percent of total protein features. Turkey has seemingly taken circular share away from chicken, falling to just 12 percent this week versus 19 percent a week ago.

Average regional ad prices for frozen turkeys range from...

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Nov 16 8:10 AM, UB Newswires

Farm Bureau Survey: Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Down for Third Straight Year

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s 33rd annual survey of classic items found on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table indicates the average cost of this year’s feast for 10 is $48.90, or less than $5.00 per person. This is a 22-cent decrease from last year’s average of $49.12.

“Since 2015, the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner has declined steadily and is now at the lowest level since 2010,” said AFBF Chief Economist Dr. John Newton.

The featured food on most Thanksgiving tables – the turkey – cost slightly less than last year, coming in at $21.71 for a 16-pound bird. That’s roughly $1.36 per pound, down 3 percent from last year. The survey results show... 

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Nov 15 10:03 AM, General News

National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony

On Monday, November 19th, President Donald J. Trump will pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey at the White House. This year, the 71st anniversary of the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation will be celebrated as the President reviews our Nation's traditions and wishes all Americans a happy holiday...

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Nov 14 3:53 PM, Urner Barry

Plant Based Foods Association Launches First Certification for Plant-Based Food Claims

Select Tofurky and Oatly items are first certified by NSF International

The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) today launched a new Certified Plant Based program, the first and only plant-based food certification. The Certified Plant Based protocol, which focuses on plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods, specifies the criteria required to make a certified plant-based food claim. NSF International is the certifying agency.

“The launch of the Certified Plant Based seal is an exciting next step for the fast-growing and...

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Nov 13 3:48 PM, General News

Jimmy Dean Brand Petitions Merriam-webster to Change the Definition of Sandwich

This National Sandwich Day, Jimmy Dean Brand Calls for Recognition of all Types of Sandwiches – Bread and Breadless Alike – in Honor of Jimmy Dean Delights® Egg’wich

The Jimmy Dean® brand believes the current definition of sandwich is stale. Americans’ culinary preferences are evolving, with more than one in three Americans* vowing to eat less bread in the new year. In fact, a recent study* found that half of Americans have eaten a breadless sandwich. Timed to National Sandwich Day (November 3) and the launch of the Jimmy Dean Delights® Egg’wich sandwich, Jimmy Dean brand is calling on Americans to help get all sandwiches a seat at the dictionary’s proverbial kitchen table – and SIGN A PETITION to update the definition of sandwich to represent both bread and breadless options...

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Nov 9 9:41 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Aggressive Features Grab Busy Consumers’ Attention

This week in retail, beef features claim the number one spot with 23 percent, followed closely by seafood and pork, both just shy of 23 percent. Chicken ads account for 19 percent of total protein volume. Turkey features have risen to account for 7 percent of total protein volume, compared to 5 percent the previous week and just 3 percent the week before that. 

Frozen turkeys make up 51 percent of total turkey ads this week—up from 29 percent the previous week.  Feature prices for frozen turkey range from 91 cents per pound to $1.02 on average.

Elsewhere in the meat case, busy shoppers can pick up 80% lean ground beef at cheaper prices than a year ago. Averaging $3.19 per pound this week, ground beef is 12 percent lower YOY. Additionally, more roasts are finding their way into shopping carts as the weather gets increasingly cold. The roast complex averages $4.77 per pound this week, 24 cents per pound over a year ago.

Meanwhile, pork roasts average just... 

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Nov 9 8:33 AM, UB Newswires

National Turkey Federation Statement on CDC Investigation of Salmonella Reading

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted an update today to their investigation announced in July into multistate illnesses attributed to Salmonella Reading. Epidemiologic evidence suggests raw turkey products and raw turkey pet food are possible sources. No specific product, brand, facility or company has been linked to the illnesses, nor is the CDC recommending consumers stop eating any turkey products.

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) released the following statement on the investigation:

“Food safety is a top priority for the turkey industry, and we take great pride in providing safe, nutritious and delicious food for consumers. Although NTF members work diligently to prevent foodborne bacteria on their farms and in processing, it is well known that bacteria are naturally present in the environment. As a result, raw meat and...

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Nov 9 8:19 AM, Urner Barry

Jennie-O Launches Turkey Tracker Just in Time for the Holidays

Get the whole story on your whole turkey.

Jennie-O Turkey Store, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods (NYSE: HRL), today announced the launch of its online Turkey Tracker where consumers can track their fresh or frozen JENNIE-O® whole turkey back to its originating farm. Each fresh and frozen turkey package now includes a tracking code stamped on the package's hang tag that can be entered into the JENNIE-O® Turkey Tracker page on the company's website. Once the code is entered, a regional farm where the turkey was raised is revealed along with a story about the farmers...

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Nov 8 10:44 AM, General News

JENNIE-O Launches ‘Give Your Family the Bird’ Advertising Campaign for Thanksgiving in Select Markets

This holiday season, Jennie-O Turkey Store, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods (NYSE: HRL), is encouraging busy hosts to give their families the bird — a JENNIE-O® OVEN READY™ turkey, that is.

This new, lighthearted media and digital campaign speaks directly to consumers who are shopping, cleaning, balancing family dynamics and are up to their elbows in food preparation for holiday get-togethers. JENNIE-O® OVEN READY™ turkey is so easy to prepare that it takes the stress out of holiday meal planning. First off, JENNIE-O® OVEN READY™ turkey is preseasoned and goes right from the freezer to the oven with no thawing required...

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Nov 5 9:29 AM, General News

Honeysuckle White Expands Thanksgiving Traceable Turkey Program

Consumers Can Give Thanks to the Family Farmer who Raised their Honeysuckle White Turkey

This Thanksgiving, more consumers will be able to trace their Honeysuckle White turkeys to the family farm where they were raised, thanks to a blockchain solution that brings transparency to consumer’s food purchases.

Through a simple text or by entering an on-package code at, consumers can trace their turkey back to the family farm, access the farm’s location by state and county, view the family farm story, see photos from the farm and read a message from the farmer.

“Honeysuckle White is committed to food transparency and we are excited to bring more consumers an inside look at...

Full Story »
Nov 2 8:11 AM, Urner Barry

This Week in Retail: For Grocers, November is Game Time

Retailers rejoice. It’s November.

November—the month of intense competition for open parking spots and available shopping carts. A month where ambitious shoppers strategize their grocery game plan to edge out hordes of consumers vying for the last can of cranberry sauce. When turkey touting, pantry piling, holiday-stressed houses frequent the supermarket all month long, prepping for the long weekend of family feasts.  

It is among the top three grocery months of the year in terms of sales and store traffic. And, while consumers are probably just now realizing that Thanksgiving is only three short weeks away, the industry has been prepping for months...

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Nov 2 8:08 AM, UB Newswires

Poultry Producer Zacky Farms to Close Business

California-based Zacky Farms has announced that the company will be shutting down operations early 2019.

In a statement on their website, the company said:

"It comes with great sorrow that Zacky Farms has announced that it will be winding down its operations. Zacky has struggled in the current state of the industry and it has been impossible for it to continue profitably. Zacky has been diligently engaged in seeking business and capital; however, those exhaustive efforts have been unsuccessful and Zacky must now proceed with steps to cease operations. As Zacky winds down, it is presently expected that all operations will completely cease on January 19, 2019...

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Nov 1 8:26 AM, Urner Barry

NHDSC and Beef Checkoff Promote New, Trendy Recipes for National Bologna Day

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) celebrated National Bologna Day, October 24, in partnership with the Beef Checkoff, showcasing bologna's classic deliciousness with innovative, new chef-developed recipes that show how trendy bologna can be. The recipes included...

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Oct 31 11:37 AM, General News

This Week in Retail: Which Retail Items Saw the Biggest YOY Drop in Feature Price?

This week in retail, beef ads decidedly claim the top spot among proteins in terms of volume share, grabbing 25.3 percent of circular space. In the number two spot, seafood just barely edges out chicken’s 22 percent share with 22.7 percent. Pork claims 22 percent of ad space. Notably, egg feature volume has been a bit higher the last two weeks, with 4 percent or more.

Looking at the meat case, the biggest year over year retail feature price drops are found in chicken leg quarters, bottom round roasts and—frozen turkeys. That’s right. It’s happening. November kicks off next week and grocers are getting a jump on the month’s key sale items.

For now, premium frozen turkeys are featured in the Northeast region at an average $0.89 per pound, which is down from $1.49 per pound a year ago. Store brand turkeys run as low as $0.57 per pound, compared to the average a year ago of $0.99.

Chicken leg quarters are offered at just $0.64 per pound on average, down 51 percent from last year at this time! This is the largest YOY percent drop for any retail item in our sampling... 

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Oct 26 8:45 AM, UB Newswires

Meat Institute Reiterates Support for USDA Regulation of Cell Based Meat Products

The North American Meat Institute once again argued that the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has primary jurisdiction for regulation of new cell-based meat products at a joint USDA/FDA public meeting on the use of animal cell culture technology to develop products derived from livestock and poultry.

In his oral comments, North American Meat Institute Senior Vice President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Mark Dopp explained the many benefits of USDA regulation for cell based meat producers.

“That the inspection system FSIS administers is more rigorous than the one administered by FDA is undeniable. Administration officials have said as much. But I am baffled why...

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Oct 24 11:28 AM, General News

Muscle Maker Grill Introduces New Healthier Burger Menu

Muscle Maker Grill, the fast-casual restaurant brand, which promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering nutritious alternatives to traditional dishes, today announced the addition of a build it yourself burger bar menu available at participating locations for a limited time.

Muscle Maker Grill’s new healthier burger bar menu is a great option for those looking to indulge in a burger without the guilt. True to its mission of delivering healthier menu items without sacrificing taste, Muscle Maker Grill’s new burger menu has something for everybody. Guests can choose from four nutritionally packed protein options, grass-fed beef, turkey, all natural chicken breast or a veggie burger. The burgers are offered in five styles: Mushroom Supreme, California Club, Classic, Jalapeno and the Recovery burger. All burgers are served on whole wheat buns and come with a side of our baked sweet potato fries. Burger toppings include healthier options such as avocado, reduced fat mayo, turkey bacon and reduced fat cheeses. Burger bar styles are listed below...

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Oct 23 8:47 AM, General News

Aramark Heats Up Arenas with 25 New Menu Items for the NHL and NBA Seasons

To kick off arena season, Aramark (NYSE: ARMK) -- the food and beverage provider at nine NHL and NBA arenas, who will serve nearly eight million fans attending NHL and NBA games -- is heating up the ice and hardwood with new menus stocked with everything from hometown hot dogs to vegetarian poke bowls.

Some of the new menu items Aramark is introducing at the arenas it serves include...

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Oct 19 10:16 AM, General News


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