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Cargill and Ecolab Accelerate Food Industry Innovation 

Recognizing the critical role that innovation plays in creating a safer and more sustainable food system, Cargill and Ecolab are supporting a second class of startups through the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator.

“Solving the greatest food and sustainability challenges the world faces today requires partnership and fresh, innovative ideas. These are the two key ingredients of the Techstars Farm to Fork program,” said Justin Kershaw, Cargill CIO. “Having the brightest minds in food and ag tech in Cargill and Ecolab’s backyards provides an amazing opportunity to infuse startup energy into our company, while also helping bring critical solutions to...

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Jul 16 11:50 AM, General News

Cargill Reports Fiscal 2019 Fourth-quarter and Full-year Results

Cargill today reported results for the fiscal 2019 fourth quarter and full year ended May 31, 2019. Key measures include: 

  • Adjusted operating earnings were $476 million, down 41% from the $809 million earned in last year’s record fourth quarter. This brought earnings for the full fiscal year to $2.82 billion, 12% below last year’s top performance.
  • Net earnings on a U.S. GAAP basis were $235 million, down 67% from $711 million in the strong comparative period. For the 12 months, net earnings decreased 17% to $2.56 billion...
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Jul 11 9:15 AM, General News

Cargill and InnovaFeed Partner to Bring Innovative, Sustainable Feed to Animal Producers

Cargill and InnovaFeed have entered into a strategic partnership to bring sustainable and innovative feed options to the animal nutrition industry. Through the partnership, Cargill and InnovaFeed will collaborate to jointly market fish feed which includes insect protein, enabling both partners to support the growth of sustainable aquaculture.

“We recognize that the planet has finite resources,” said Pilar Cruz, president of Cargill’s compound feed business. “It is our job to find innovative feed options for our customers that protect the planet and support sustainable protein production.”

InnovaFeed’s circular economy approach brings added sustainability benefits as the company uses co-products from the agriculture production of starch and sugar to feed black soldier fly larvae known as Hermetia illucens. Once the larvae reach a certain stage, protein and oil are extracted from the larvae, to be used in feed for pets, aquaculture species and young animals like...

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Jun 24 11:40 AM, General News

Cargill Invests in Cultured Meat Company Aleph Farms

The demand for protein is expected to grow 70% over the next 30 years as the global population increases significantly. With an eye to complementing its focus on animal protein, Cargill announced today it will invest in Aleph Farms, a cultured meat company focused on growing complex meat varieties like steak.

Cargill is participating in a Series A investment round led by VisVires New Protein and joined by several other investors looking to move Aleph Farms’ product from prototype to the commercial marketplace. Aleph Farms grows meat directly from beef cells using a 3D tissue engineering platform. In December 2018, it achieved a world-first by demonstrating...

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May 14 9:18 AM, General News

Cargill Conducts Voluntary Recall of Select Southern States Feed Due to High, Excessive, or Elevated Aflatoxin Levels

Cargill’s animal nutrition business is conducting a voluntary recall of select Southern States® feed due to aflatoxin levels that exceed FDA’s action levels. The affected products, which were manufactured and sold in the eastern United States, were removed from retail shelves throughout February, March, and April 2019. Livestock, horses, and poultry exposed to aflatoxin are at risk of exposure to several health hazards.

Aflatoxicosis has the same acute and chronic adverse effects and health consequences across all species and age classes (immature and mature). Immature animals are more sensitive to aflatoxins. Acute aflatoxicosis may result in generalized hemorrhage, bloody diarrhea and death in 1-3 days. In addition, aflatoxin toxicity can cause reduced feed intake, reduced weight gain, liver damage, jaundice, and...

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May 8 10:26 AM, General News

Cargill Strengthens China Commitment with $112m New Investment in Jilin

Cargill announced today that it will invest US$112 million to expand the capacity of its corn processing facility in Songyuan of Jilin province. This is part of its joint initiative with Songyuan government to build the Sino-US Cargill Biotech Industrial Park, featuring the Cargill Food Safety and Technology Center. Cargill will continue to invest in the park in the coming years. The move is expected to help boost local economy and strengthens local corn processing industry.

“Cargill has made significant investments in Songyuan, which is welcomed by us,” said Mr. Wang Zilian, mayor of Songyuan Municipal Government. “I believe the new investment and projects will help boost the prosperity of local farmers and also benefit the growth of local corn processing industry.”

The park, which occupies 3.71 million square meters, is designed to facilitate both corn processing and trading, with a processing capability of up to two million tons per year by...

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Apr 24 9:28 AM, General News

Consumers Expect to Keep Protein on their Shopping Lists as Part of a Healthy and Sustainable Diet

Meat, fish and eggs can be an important part of a healthy and environmentally responsible diet, say consumers in new global research from Cargill. And they plan to keep eating them too—along with plant-based dietary protein. More than two-thirds of respondents say they intend to maintain or increase their consumption of animal protein in the next year. Four-fifths of participants express interest in plant-based or alternative sources of protein.

“We’re pleased consumers see animal protein as an important part of a healthy diet,” said Chuck Warta, president of Cargill’s premix and nutrition business. “Dietary guidance consistently emphasizes the benefits of adequate protein intake from ...

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Apr 23 10:18 AM, General News

Cargill Taps Stone, Webster for Agricultural Supply Chain and Animal Nutrition Leadership Roles 

Cargill has selected Joe Stone, currently enterprise leader for Cargill Animal Nutrition, to lead the company’s global Agricultural Supply Chain. David Webster will assume the Cargill Animal Nutrition leadership role vacated by Stone. Both announcements follow GJ van den Akker’s decision to retire as enterprise lead for Cargill’s Agricultural Supply Chain in 2020 after 30 years with the company.

"GJ and his leadership team have improved results in our ag supply chain while also driving important progress on critical safety, digitalization and sustainability goals," said Dave MacLennan, Cargill chairman and CEO. "Joe’s extensive risk management, trading, and grains and oilseeds experience will allow him to ...

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Apr 4 8:56 AM, General News

Cargill Reports Fiscal 2019 Third-Quarter Results

Cargill today reported results for the fiscal 2019 third quarter and first nine months ended Feb. 28, 2019. Key measures include:

  • Adjusted operating earnings were $604 million, up 8 percent from the $559 million earned last year. This brought earnings for the first nine months to $2.34 billion, a 2 percent decrease from the prior year.
  • Net earnings on a U.S. GAAP basis for the quarter were $566 million, a 14 percent increase from $495 million in the year-ago period. For the nine-month period, net earnings declined 3 percent to $2.33 billion.
  • Third-quarter revenues decreased 4 percent to ...
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Mar 28 11:40 AM, General News

Cargill and Heifer Launch Hatching Hope Global Initiative 

Cargill and Heifer International have joined forces to create The Hatching Hope Global Initiative. The bold initiative aims to improve the nutrition and economic livelihoods of 100 million people by 2030 through the production, promotion and consumption of poultry.

Hatching Hope will work directly with women smallholder farmers, initially in India, Mexico and Kenya. The program helps farmers not only feed their families but also become part of the solution to bridging the global food and nutrition security gap, while boosting local economies and providing nutrition education.

“We believe that the key to ending hunger and poverty is for farmers to be able to earn a living income,” said Pierre Ferrari, president and CEO of Heifer International. “Through Hatching Hope, we’re investing in smart, resourceful women farmers, working with them to improve...

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Mar 21 11:35 AM, General News

Cargill Bolsters Commitment to Deforestation-Free Supply Chains

Cargill operates at the intersection of agriculture and business, connecting farmers to consumers around the world. Today, the company took bold steps to advance its commitment to protect forests and promote rural agricultural development across its supply chains, with the launch of a South America Sustainable Soy Policy, a Human Rights Commitment and an updated Forest Policy.

"Farming and forests can—and must—co-exist," said Dave MacLennan, Cargill chairman and CEO. "The world depends...

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Feb 22 8:51 AM, General News

Cargill Invests Digital Engineering to Support Hyperledger Grid 

In a nod to its open-first technology principle to help address the world’s most significant food challenges, Cargill is investing its own digital engineering to aid the success and adoption of Hyperledger Grid. The latest project in Hyperledger’s portfolio of open-source frameworks and tools, Hyperledger Grid is created to accelerate development of blockchain and other digital solutions for the global food and agriculture supply chains.

“Hyperledger Grid is another way to help make food and agricultural supply chains more inclusive – creating new markets for farmers and developing economies,” said Keith Narr, vice president, Cargill Digital Labs. “With our wide set of food and agricultural supply chain data, Cargill is leading the industry to work together and improve traceability, trade, food safety, nutrition, farmer livelihoods and ...

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Jan 24 2:09 PM, General News

Cargill to Grow Pakistan Business with US$200 Million Investment

Cargill renewed its long standing commitment to Pakistan by announcing plans to invest more than US$200 million in the next three-to-five years. The announcement was made in the meeting when Cargill’s global executive team, led by Marcel Smits, head of Global Strategy and Chairman, Cargill Asia Pacific region, and Gert-Jan van den Akker, president, Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain, met with the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan and other senior government officials to discuss the company’s future investment plans.

Being a global food and agriculture producer with a strong focus on Asia, Cargill aims to partner in Pakistan’s growth by bringing its global expertise and investment into the country. The company’s strategy includes expansion across its agricultural trading and supply chain, edible oils, dairy, meat and ...

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Jan 18 8:55 AM, General News

Jon Nash to Lead Cargill’s North American Protein Business 

Cargill has selected Jon Nash to lead its North American protein business. He will report to Brian Sikes, who was recently appointed to the executive team as leader of the company’s global protein and salt businesses.

Nash began his career at Cargill in 1998. Most recently, he was the president of Cargill’s Protein foodservice business, where he strengthened and built strategic customer relationships. He brings a diverse mix of commercial, operations and finance experience. Nash has served as vice president of operations and was the general manager and controller of the ...

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Jan 16 8:36 AM, General News

When it Seemed People were Growing more Detached from Farming, “Generation Yum” Delivered a Surprise

Young people are living up to the “Generation Yum” label coined by author Eve Turow with their connection to the people, places and practices that raise our food—according to new research from Cargill.

“I’m thrilled that people are deepening their understanding of agriculture,” said Hilary Maricle, co-owner of Maricle Family Farms in Nebraska, U.S., and mom of five. “By creating harmony between farmers and consumers, we can help people appreciate where their food comes from—and how innovative practices are creating healthier, more sustainable farms ...

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Jan 8 10:20 AM, General News

Cargill Reports Fiscal 2019 Second-Quarter Results

Cargill performs reliably in a dynamic, uncertain environment

Cargill today reported results for the fiscal 2019 second quarter and first half ended Nov. 30, 2018. Key measures include:

  • Adjusted operating earnings were $853 million, down 10 percent from the $948 million earned in last year’s strong comparative period. This brought first-half earnings to $1.74 billion, a 5 percent decrease from the prior year.
  • Net earnings on a U.S. GAAP basis for the quarter were $741 million, a 20 percent decline from $924 million in the year-ago period. For the half, net earnings dipped 7 percent to $1.76 billion.
  • Second-quarter revenues decreased 4 percent to ...
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Jan 3 9:02 AM, General News

COFCO International Joins Initiative to Modernize Global Agricultural Commodity Trade Operations

COFCO International Ltd (“COFCO International”) is partnering with Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) (“ADM”), Bunge Limited (NYSE: BG) (“Bunge”), Cargill Incorporated (“Cargill”), and Louis Dreyfus Company (“LDC”) to standardize data and digitize global agricultural shipping transactions. Together, the companies are looking to increase transparency and efficiency for customers through digital technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

“We are pleased to join this initiative as a founding member,” said Johnny Chi, Chairman and CEO of COFCO International. “Emerging technologies like blockchain give us the opportunity to create a transparent, secure and efficient platform and transform global agricultural trade operations. Our shared vision is to develop a new standard available to everyone, bringing ...

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Dec 20 12:34 PM, General News

Cargill's New Protein Headquarters Focuses on the Future of Protein

$70 million Wichita investment targets top talent and brings innovative food solutions to global customers through collaboration, technology and a focus on sustainability

With a new headquarters of its North American protein operations, Cargill is focused on inspiring the future of protein. The new state-of-the-art building was created as a destination to retain and recruit top talent and immerse customers in innovative culinary and food sensory experiences. Designed for collaboration and growth, the headquarters connects Cargill’s 800 Wichita-based employees with 28,000 additional colleagues across North America and more than three dozen protein production facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

“We want to help make Wichita the Silicon Valley of protein, bringing together the best minds, innovation and technology in the industry...

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Dec 6 9:16 AM, General News

Cargill expands its global poultry business in Colombia with acquisition of CAMPOLLO

Acquisition will grow Cargill’s Colombian poultry operations to better serve its Latin American customers, welcoming more than 2,500 new employees

Cargill has acquired Colombian-based CAMPOLLO, one of the country’s leading producers of chicken and protein products.

The acquisition marks the expansion of Cargill’s global protein business in Colombia after acquiring Pollos Bucanero in June 2017. CAMPOLLO has more than 20 years’ experience in the market and its products are a top choice among consumers and retailers across Colombia.

Jorge Ivan Duque, general manager of Cargill’s Pollos Bucanero, will continue leading Cargill’s expanded poultry business in Colombia. He has spent the past 13 years working in the poultry sector in Central America and Colombia...

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Nov 30 12:43 PM, Urner Barry

Cargill Commits to Growth in Malaysia as it Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Country

Growth addresses increasing demand for specialized oils, chocolate, specialty ingredients and animal protein

Cargill is reaffirming its commitment to grow its business in Malaysia as the company celebrates its 40th anniversary in the country. Since it opened its first office here in 1978, Cargill has invested close to $450 million (USD) / RM1.8
billion (MYR) to strengthen its operations here. Today, the company is present at nine locations and employs more than 750 employees locally.

Business growth in Malaysia is coming from strong global demand for specialized oils and fats; regional demand for chocolate and specialty ingredients; and local demand for more chicken and seafood products...

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Nov 30 11:42 AM, General News

Cargill Grows Business in Philippines with $235 Million (USD) Planned Investment

Company marks 70th anniversary in the country

Cargill has reaffirmed its commitment to the Philippines with plans to invest $235 million (USD) / P12.5 billion (PHP) to grow its business in the country over the next two years. The company is focused on helping meet the increased domestic demand for chicken and pork, as well as delivering solutions in key areas of the global agricultural supply chain. The company has also announced a contribution of $130,000 (USD) / P7 million (PHP) to support the Inclusive Business Capacity Building Fund to help Filipino farmers become more successful.

“We are proud to have been in the Philippines since we started our business here 70 years ago. Working closely with the government, our customers, partners and the community, we are helping farmers thrive and are bringing safe and nutritious food to Filipino tables...

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Nov 29 3:00 PM, General News

Cargill Grows Business in Thailand with $70 million (USD) Investment in Seafood and Poultry

Company has invested over $1.15 billion (USD) as it marks 50th anniversary in the country

Cargill in Thailand announced its continuing commitment to the country today with investments of more than $70 million (USD) over the next two years to address the increase in global demand of seafood and poultry consumption.

The $70 million investments are part of the company’s global innovation strategy to leverage technology, in support of the needs of partners and customers...

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Nov 29 8:48 AM, General News

Brian Sikes to Lead Cargill Protein and Salt, Joining the Company’s Executive Team

Cargill has named Brian Sikes to lead its global protein and salt businesses. He will succeed Todd Hall, who announced his retirement after 36 years with the company.

Sikes began his career at Cargill in 1991. Most recently, he led the transformation of the North American protein business, which has delivered strong financial results and expanded offerings in line with shifting consumer demand for value-added protein, sustainable supply chains and alternative proteins. Sikes also led the development of Cargill’s new North American protein headquarters in...

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Nov 20 9:25 AM, Urner Barry

Cargill Consolidates Food Ingredients Distribution Network in U.S and Canada to Six Channel Partners

Cargill’s food ingredients and applications business has chosen six North American distribution partners – Univar Inc., Gillco Ingredients, International Food Products Corporation, Batory Foods, Pearson Sales Company and St. Charles Trading, Inc. This move optimizes customer experience, streamlines the supply chain and creates a platform to generate sustainable growth through a select group of committed channel partners.

“In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, our customers need industry-leading distributor partners who can augment our in-house expertise with broad product portfolios for one-stop convenience, regulatory support, flexible lead times and minimum order quantities,” said Pat Rogers, commercial leader in Cargill’s North America food ingredients business. “We’re confident these partners can deliver on those expectations, bringing added value to our customers...

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Nov 15 9:59 AM, General News

Honeysuckle White Expands Thanksgiving Traceable Turkey Program

Consumers Can Give Thanks to the Family Farmer who Raised their Honeysuckle White Turkey

This Thanksgiving, more consumers will be able to trace their Honeysuckle White turkeys to the family farm where they were raised, thanks to a blockchain solution that brings transparency to consumer’s food purchases.

Through a simple text or by entering an on-package code at, consumers can trace their turkey back to the family farm, access the farm’s location by state and county, view the family farm story, see photos from the farm and read a message from the farmer.

“Honeysuckle White is committed to food transparency and we are excited to bring more consumers an inside look at...

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Nov 2 8:11 AM, Urner Barry

Cargill Announces Leadership Roles to Advance Strategic Growth Initiatives

Cargill has added to its leadership team as it sets its sights on the future, supporting a faster pace of growth and enhanced service for customers.

“We’ve undertaken significant changes over the past three years to build a more agile and integrated Cargill to serve customers’ rapidly evolving needs. The world does not stand still, and neither will we,” said David MacLennan, Cargill chairman and chief executive officer. “The changes announced today augment the strength and expertise needed to fuel Cargill’s growth, with a focus on integrating operations, increasing financial discipline and accelerating investments in markets of highest potential. These strategic moves position us to lead with our purpose and deliver a sustainable future for food and agriculture.”

The following changes to Cargill’s executive team align the company’s top leadership to its growth strategy and customer-first approach...

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Oct 30 8:48 AM, General News

Agribusinesses Seek to Modernize Global Agricultural Commodity Trade Operations

Driven by opportunities to increase transparency and efficiency for customers, global agribusinesses are turning to emerging digital technologies – including blockchain and artificial intelligence options – to reduce resource- and time-intensive processes associated with the global agricultural commodity value chain.

Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) (“ADM”), Bunge Limited (NYSE: BG) (“Bunge”), Cargill, Incorporated (“Cargill”), and Louis Dreyfus Company (“LDC”) are investigating ways to standardize and digitize global agricultural shipping transactions for the benefit of the entire industry. The companies also seek broad-based industry participation to promote global access and adoption.

Initially, ADM, Bunge, Cargill and LDC are focused on technologies to automate grain and oilseed post-trade execution processes, as they represent a highly manual and costly part of the supply chain, with the industry spending significant amounts of money every year moving documents around the globe. Eliminating inefficiencies would lead to shorter document-processing times, reduced wait times and better end-to-end contracting visibility.

Longer term, the companies want to drive greater reliability, efficiency and transparency by replacing other manual, paper-based processes tied to contracts, invoices and payments, with a more modern, digitally based approach. Specific benefits would include...

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Oct 25 9:10 AM, General News

Cargill Develops Industry-First Robotic Cattle Driver to Improve Animal Welfare and Employee Safety

Cargill has developed an industry-first robotic cattle driver aimed at improving animal welfare and employee safety. The robots are designed to move cattle from pens to the harvest area, reducing stress to the animals by minimizing their proximity to human activity. Employees operate the robots from a catwalk located above the pens, reducing safety risks by keeping those who work in the cattle yard portion of processing plants at a greater distance from the 1300-pound animals.

“The robotic cattle driver developed by Cargill is a major innovation in the handling and welfare of farm animals,” said Temple Grandin, professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University. “This device will lead to huge strides in employee safety while moving large animals and reduce the stress on cattle across the country.”

Cargill Protein spent two years developing the prototype...

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Oct 23 8:02 AM, General News

Cargill Announces First Virtual Power Purchase Agreement in South Dakota

Cargill today announced a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with developer Geronimo Energy. Through the agreement, Cargill will buy 50 megawatts (MW) of wind power from Geronimo Energy’s 200MW Crocker Wind Farm project, which is currently under construction in Clark County, South Dakota. The wind energy will be used to help partially offset the impact of Cargill’s Midwest operations.

The agreement supports Cargill’s commitment to increase their use of renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Cargill has committed to...

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Oct 18 3:04 PM, General News

Cargill Announces Strategic Equity Investment in Agriness, Latin America Swine Production

Cargill and Agriness, the technology leader in Latin America swine production, today announced a strategic partnership that will foster industry-wide transformation and bring emerging digital technologies to customers around the world to improve animal production and farm profitability. Terms of Cargill’s minority equity investment were not disclosed.

Agriness, the market leader in Latin American swine technology, currently manages more than 2 million sows through its S2 farm management software, continuous improvement methodology, training/mentoring programs and industry benchmarking. This month, the company will introduce Agriness 365, a scalable, cloud-based digital farm production management platform that will provide real-time data and insights through a series of business...

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Sep 14 2:09 AM, General News

Cargill Introduces a New Range of Label-Friendly Potato Starches for Meat, Meat Alternatives

Cargill is expanding its portfolio of label-friendly functional native starches with the addition of three potato starches designed for meat, meat alternatives and culinary applications. Designed for mild processing conditions, these starches offer superior viscosity and improved sensory experience, without compromising on taste and appearance. The products will be available worldwide under the SimPure brand.

“In today’s marketplace, consumers are scrutinizing product labels like never before,” said Laura Goodbrand, starch product line manager, Cargill Europe. “Changing consumer preferences highlight the desire for foods made with simple, recognizable ingredients, yet they still expect the same sensory and texture experiences. As we continue to grow our SimPure portfolio, delivering on ...

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Sep 13 11:15 AM, General News

Cargill Partners with World Food Program’s Innovation Accelerator to Address Global Hunger

At the Economic Club’s Food Security Summit in Minneapolis, Cargill announced a $550,000 commitment to support the World Food Program’s (WFP) Innovation Accelerator. The Accelerator identifies, nurtures and scales solutions to address global hunger. A hallmark of the program will be an Innovation Bootcamp, jointly hosted by WFP and Cargill in Munich, Germany, to gather start-ups and companies around innovative solutions to address childhood hunger, improving farmer prosperity and emergency hunger relief. Following the Bootcamp, Cargill will fund a select number of teams to pilot their solutions in the field.

“Cargill’s commitment to nourishing the world can only be accomplished through partnerships like this WFP Accelerator, which brings together public and private sectors to address the serious challenge of food insecurity around the world. This includes financial support, but also hands-on work to mentor...

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Sep 11 8:50 AM, General News

Cargill Intends to Invest $150 Million in Brazil Facility to Meet Market Demand for High-Quality Pectin

Cargill has the intention to invest $150 million to construct an HM pectin production facility in South America. HM pectin is a versatile, citrus fruit-based texturizer used for jams, beverages/juices, acid dairy drinks and confectionery.

Bruce McGoogan, strategy and innovation leader for Cargill starches, sweeteners and texturizers business said, “The pectin market has seen a strong growth for several years, primarily driven by the acid dairy drink market, as well as the growing global consumer demand for label-friendly ingredients. HM pectin plays a significant role in delivering on both trends—as it is a plant-based texturizer designed for acid dairy drinks as well as for jams, beverages and confectionery products. The intention to invest in a plant in Brazil, which has an abundant citrus fruit supply, allows ...

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Aug 23 11:58 AM, General News

Cargill Reports Canadian Beef Sustainability Pilot Progress

Cargill announced that in its third quarter, the Cargill Canadian Beef Sustainability pilot produced more than 1 million pounds of beef from certified sustainable sources.

"At just over 1 million pounds of beef from certified sustainable sources, the pilot’s volume nearly doubled from its first to its third quarter While much of this initial growth can be attributed to diligent efforts by the pilot’s partners as a result of updating systems, records and processes to ensure all beef that meets the standard is recorded and tracked, the program has also seen a steady increase in participation from cattle producers and foodservice partners."

During the third quarter of the pilot, payments made by participating retailers and foodservice operators were funding...

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Aug 14 7:46 AM, General News

Cargill’s 2018 Annual Report Highlights Commitment to Vibrant Food and Agriculture

Company publishes Connect Nourish Grow, integrating financial and corporate responsibility performance

Following one of Cargill's best financial performances, the company launched its 2018 annual report today. The report outlines a year of activating tomorrow’s solutions to nourish the world.

"Cargill operates today with greater agility and stronger integration to serve our customers' rapidly changing needs," write Chairman and CEO David MacLennan and CFO Marcel Smits in the report. "In the midst of significant uncertainty in the world, we are strengthening the connections that enable progress."

The report integrates Cargill’s financial and corporate responsibility performance, highlighting actions that are positioning the company, its customers and other partners for long-term success. In support of the U.N. Sustainable Development ...

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Aug 8 2:04 AM, General News


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