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Waiver from Trucking Federal Rule Extended

The National Pork Producers Council today thanked the Biden administration, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Meera Joshi, deputy administrator of DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for extending to Feb. 28, 2022, a waiver for commercial truckers from the federal Hours of Service regulation.

The HOS rule limits truckers to 11 hours of driving time and 14 consecutive hours of on-duty time in any 24-hour period and requires prescribed rest periods.

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 and prompted by NPPC’s efforts to ensure pork producers could...

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Dec 1 8:00 AM, General News

Blix Partners with REEF on Delivery Order Locations

REEF Technology Inc. the largest operator of virtual restaurants, logistics and proximity hubs in North America, announced today its partnership with Blix Ltd ("Blix"), an integrated food technology system.

The partnership will allow REEF to offer Blix's wide range of nutritious meals through their delivery kitchens. REEF will blend Blix pouches using their smart food maker in their ghost kitchens and deliver orders through UberEats, Doordash and Grubhub. Whereas previously consumers would need to purchase the smart foodmaker from Blix to make and enjoy their products, this partnership will deliver their... 

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Nov 24 8:00 AM, General News

Feel Foods to Launch Plant-Based Foods E-Commerce Platform

Feel Foods LTD. announced today it is creating a new e-commerce platform with advanced logistics operations in time for the festive season.

Web developers ‘Able & Howe’ is designing the new e-commerce site with full e-commerce capabilities as well as state-of-the-art inventory control capabilities, ensuring operations are efficient, effective, and uninterrupted. Prior to the upcoming holiday season and the launch of its e-commerce platform, Feel Foods is adding more fulfillment personnel and is ramping up production of its popular, 100%...

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Nov 18 8:59 AM, General News

Urner Barry Releases November Soy & Wheat Report

This month, the U.S. soybean outlook for 2021/22 is for lower production and exports, and higher ending stocks. Soybean production is forecast at 4.42 billion bushels, down 23 million on lower yields. Lower yields in Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Kansas account for most of the change in production. The U.S. season-average soybean price is forecast at $12.10/bu, a decrease of $0.25.

According to the USDA's Crop Progress report, soybean harvest is just about on par with the five-year average rate at 87% completion. Minnesota reported that...

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Nov 18 8:00 AM, Plant Protein

GrubMarket Acquires Oakport Transportation to Expand Transportation and Logistics Capabilities 

GrubMarket today announced it has completed the acquisition of Oakland, CA-based Oakport Transportation, a provider of comprehensive trucking and logistics services that stores and ships produce throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Nevada, plus selected routes throughout the rest of the U.S. for certain seasonal items. GrubMarket will leverage Oakport's facilities and logistics networks to address the supply chain challenges introduced by recent trucking shortages, route congestion and skyrocketing consumer demand for fresh food.

The timing of this acquisition is of paramount importance. The coronavirus pandemic has...

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Nov 12 8:00 AM, General News

Ocean Carriers Expect to Carry Costs of New Container Excess Dwell Fee Onto Shippers, Importers

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach have implemented a new “Container Excess Dwell Fee” to kick off November that aims to help alleviate the backlog of containers sitting on the west coast. However, this new fee may mean additional costs to shippers and importers.

OCEANAIR, a transportation logistics company said that these new fees will be passed on to the shippers/importers, as many shipping companies have already announced...

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Nov 10 11:43 AM, SeafoodNews

Retail Imports Near Record Pace Despite Port Congestion as Holiday Season Begins

Imports at the nation’s congested container ports are expected to remain at near-record levels for the remainder of the year as retailers rush to move merchandise from docks to shelves in time to meet the expectations of holiday shoppers, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released today by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates.

“Dockworkers are unloading ships as fast as they can, but the challenge is to move the containers out of the ports to make room for the next ship..."

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Nov 9 7:57 AM, General News

Shipping Giant Maersk Says It's Ready to Tackle Supply Chain Backlog

Maersk, the largest shipping company on the planet shared a few ways the company is trying to battle challenges up and down the supply chain during the busy holiday season.

The company shared comments from Narin Phol, Maersk’s North America Regional Managing Director who discussed the reason behind the logistical headaches industries across the board have felt throughout the pandemic and during the busiest shopping season of the year for American consumers.

Speaking at the South Atlantic International Trade Conference, Phol commented: “The current situation is a growth story...

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Oct 28 10:23 AM, SeafoodNews

Over $22B Worth of Cargo is Stuck on Container Ships Off California

There was fleeting hope that Southern California port congestion had turned the corner. The number of container ships waiting offshore dipped to the low 60s and high 50s from a record high of 73 on Sept. 19, trans-Pacific spot rates plateaued, the Biden administration unveiled aspirations for 24/7 port ops, and electricity shortages curbed Chinese factory output.

The reality is that the port congestion crisis in Southern California is not getting any better.

The time ships are stuck waiting offshore continues to lengthen...

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Oct 22 8:43 AM, General News

Urner Barry Releases October Soy & Wheat Report

In the latest WASDE report, the USDA stated that the outlook for 2021/22 U.S. wheat this October is reduced supplies, lower domestic use, unchanged exports, and decreased ending stocks. Projected 2021/22 ending stocks were reduced by 35 million bushels to 580 million, which are the lowest U.S. ending stocks since 2007/08. The projected 2021/22 season-average farm price was raised $0.10/bu to $6.70/bu on reported NASS prices to date and price expectations for the remainder of 2021/22.

Soybean supplies for 2021/22 were projected at 4.7 billion bushels, up 145 million on higher production and beginning stocks. With higher crush and unchanged exports, 2021/22 ending stocks were projected...

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Oct 14 8:00 AM, Plant Protein

NRF Statement on White House Supply Chain Summit

The National Retail Federation today issued the following statement from President and CEO Matthew Shay following NRF’s participation in today’s White House meeting with the business community, carriers, as well as labor and port representatives in order to find solutions to address supply chain challenges.

“We thank President Biden, Vice President Harris, Secretary Buttigieg, Director Deese and Port Envoy John Porcari for their leadership to address the ongoing global supply chain disruption. It is critically important that we all come together – business, labor and government – to address the current issue..."

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Oct 14 7:55 AM, General News

How Walmart is Navigating the Supply Chain To Deliver This Holiday Season

We have all seen and heard a lot in recent months about supply chain issues across the retail industry. With so many news stories about port delays, increased consumer demand and holiday season forecasting, it’s natural to wonder whether items will make it to store shelves and how this might affect holiday preparations.

But increased demand for the products customers want is nothing new for this time of year, and it’s certainly nothing new for Walmart. We’ve been delivering the holidays for over 50 years. This year, we’re...

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Oct 11 8:00 AM, General News

NCBA Supports Additional USDA Funding for Beef Supply Chains

Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced an additional $100 million investment into the food supply chain infrastructure. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) supports this step to prioritize the expansion of beef processing capacity and dedicate further resources to build a more resilient cattle industry.

“Our number one goal at NBCA continues to be opening up new opportunities for cattle producers to be profitable,” said NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs Ethan Lane. “The pandemic accentuated a number of vulnerabilities within our supply chains—chiefly the choke point..."

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Oct 7 8:04 AM, General News

REPORTER: Transportation Faces an Ongoing Struggle with No End in Sight

This article was originally featured in the Fall 2021 Edition of Urner Barry's Reporter magazine.

Players have had their fair share of obstacles and sleepless nights when it comes to anything transportation-related this year.

In the early days of the pandemic, all of the attention was on the plants themselves and the struggles happening within their walls—and rightly so. But as time has gone on and adjustments were made, the bigger problem that many were facing came after the plants were done and the product needed...

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Oct 1 9:24 AM, Urner Barry

New Supply Chain Program Offers Training in Critical, Growing Area for Retailers

The NRF Foundation and the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Foundation today announced the launch of a new Warehouse, Inventory and Logistics certificate for retail employees. The program will be offered as the newest credential as part of the NRF Foundation’s RISE Up skills training portfolio.

“Ecommerce and supply chains are increasingly essential to our economy,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “The Warehouse, Inventory and Logistics credential will give job seekers and employees the training they need to navigate the complex..."

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Sep 28 7:55 AM, General News

PODCAST:Executive Conference 2021: The Return To In-Person Events, Networking, And Market Analytics

This week on Market Digest our host Laura Zinger discusses the return to live events with our very own Nidha Jasrai and CEO Joe Muldowney. Topics include the "back to school" type feeling of going to an in-person event, the chance to golf with all-star athlete Bo Jackson after his keynote speaking session, and the overall superiority of networking in person.

Follow this link to register for the Executive Conference!

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Sep 20 8:22 AM, Urner Barry

Record Value for July Beef Exports; Pork Value also Strong

U.S. beef exports set another new value record in July, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). July export value climbed 45% from a year ago to $939.1 million, while volume was the third largest of the post-BSE era at 122,743 metric tons (mt), up 14% year-over-year.

For January through July, beef exports increased 18% from a year ago to 822,830 mt, with value up 30% to $5.58 billion. Compared to the pace established in 2018, the record year for...

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Sep 8 9:21 AM, General News

U.S. Poultry and Egg Exports Surged in First Half, on Pace for Record Year

The Covid-19 pandemic, an uncertain economy, and logistics problems like port closings and shipping bottlenecks haven’t slowed the tremendous demand for U.S. poultry and eggs around the world.

Exports of U.S. broiler chicken and shell eggs set records in the first half of 2021 and are on pace to break all-time marks for the year, according to the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC), citing government trade data.

Total broiler export volume reached an all-time high for the January through June period, with Mexico, China, Cuba, and Philippines leading the way. Cuba, and Philippines set records for both...

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Aug 25 9:50 AM, General News

Retail Cargo Expected to Set Record in August as Merchants Move from Back-to-School to Holiday Prep

Imports at the nation’s largest retail container ports should hit yet another record in August as consumer demand continues to stretch supply chains and retailers shift from the back-to-school season to the peak shipping season for winter holiday merchandise, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates.

“Back-to-school supplies have been hit by the same supply chain disruptions and port congestion that have affected"...

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Aug 9 8:23 AM, General News

PODCAST: UK Beef Chats Episode 27

This week on UK Beef Chats we cover highs across the UK Beef Complex, tight supplies, labor issues and driver shortages. 

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Aug 5 2:22 PM, Urner Barry

REPORTER: Protein Markets Continue to Battle Container Shortages, Logistical Hiccups

This article was originally featured in the Summer 2021 Edition of Urner Barry's Reporter magazine.

"It's really bad. There is no other way to characterize it."

CNBC editor and author Lori Ann LaRocco provided a bleak but accurate representation of the shipping container issues impacting businesses over the past year in her latest interview on Urner Barry’s Market Digest Podcast.

The shortage of shipping containers has been well-documented during the pandemic, and weather incidents and the massive Suez Canal jam...

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Jul 13 8:22 AM, Urner Barry

Retail Cargo Continues to See Double-Digit Increases Over 2020 as Supply Chain Disruptions Continue

Imports at the nation’s largest retail container ports are continuing to show double-digit growth over last year as strong consumer demand keeps up its momentum, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released today by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates.

“The year-over-year growth we saw this spring was off the charts because the comparisons were against a time when most stores were shut down due to the pandemic,” NRF Vice President for Supply Chain and Customs Policy Jonathan Gold said. “But we’re continuing to see strong growth even as we enter a point when stores had begun to reopen last year. That’s a sign of the...

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Jul 12 8:26 AM, General News

Kroger Collaborates with KNAPP to Modernize and Expand Great Lakes Distribution Center

Kroger and KNAPP, a global leader in intelligent automation and specialized software solutions, announced their agreement to deploy, expand, and enhance the capabilities and capacity of the retailer's existing Great Lakes Distribution Center in Delaware, Ohio. The facility is currently being renovated to add modern state-of-the-art technology and is expected to be complete this summer.

The distribution center opened in 2003 and currently services 115 stores in central and northwest Ohio, as well as southeast Michigan and the Ohio River Valley region. During the renovation, the facility will...

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Jul 7 8:22 AM, General News

What Does Prop 12 Mean for Egg, Veal, and Pork Producers in 2022?

Set to begin on January 1, 2022, there has been much pushback and controversy surrounding the State of California’s Proposition 12: The Farm Animal Confinement Initiative, which California residents first voted to pass in 2018.

Under the new rule, veal calf producers are required to provide their animals with at least 43 square feet of usable floor space per calf. Sows must have a minimum of 24 square feet of usable space per animal and laying hens are required to be cage-free. Prop 12 prohibits the sale in California of meat, poultry, and eggs not raised in compliance with these regulations. Many industry participants and producers have voiced concerns that Prop 12 could...


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Jun 17 10:26 AM, Urner Barry

NAMI and NPPC Urge the USDA and Congress to Address Port Challenges

With delays and congestion at U.S. ports hurting U.S. agriculture exports like meat and poultry products, the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) are urging U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Congress to confront the crisis.

The issue at hand is the continued behavior of ocean carriers to decline to carry U.S. agriculture commodity exports and instead return empty containers to Asian markets to fill them with more lucrative consumer goods to export back to the United States. Also, NAMI claims that ocean carriers and marine terminal operators are...

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Jun 17 8:26 AM, General News

NRF Calls on White House to Address Port Congestion Challenges

The National Retail Federation delivered a letter to the White House asking to meet with President Biden and other top administration officials regarding the challenges retailers are facing from continued supply chain disruptions that are leading to congestion at U.S. ports.

The letter from NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay states, “The supply chain disruption issues, especially the congestion affecting our key maritime ports, are causing significant challenges for America’s retailers. The congestion issues have not only added days and weeks to our supply chains but have led to inventory shortages impacting...

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Jun 16 8:30 AM, General News

PODCAST: Diving Into the Seafood Market with Jim Kenny

This week on Market Digest we are joined by Urner Barry COO and Market Reporter Jim Kenny. Jim and Laura discuss rising prices for seafood items, COVID-19 recovery for seafood and foodservice, consumer demand levels, logistical nightmares from production to shipping, and more.

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Jun 9 12:02 PM, Urner Barry

PODCAST: UK Beef Chats Episode 19

This week on UK Beef Chats Market Reporter Mike Nesbitt updates us on market performance, labor struggles as more businesses start to reopen, and a few logistical constraints for the supply chain.

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Jun 8 10:00 AM, Urner Barry

COMTELL Insights Spotlight: Future-Proofing the Supply Chain FaQ

Available on the COMTELL Platform and brought to you by Urner Barry Insights

If you’re in the food business, you’re probably wondering about future-proofing the supply chain. Given what we’ve seen over the last year—and what we’re still contending with—the task of managing supply chains has become more challenging than ever (and it was no picnic before, we know!). That’s why Urner Barry is bringing together exclusive Insights through original reports, interviews, videos and podcasts in a special April Spotlight dedicated to the biggest supply chain issues the industry is currently facing.

This Spotlight, Future-Proofing the Supply Chain, will take place April 26-30th, 2021, and can be accessed through Urner Barry Insights on the COMTELL platform.

Segments will include...

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Apr 26 6:50 AM, Urner Barry

Special Spotlight to Take Place on Future-Proofing the Supply Chain, April 26-30th

Available on the COMTELL Platform and brought to you by Urner Barry Insights

If you’re in the food business, you’re probably wondering about future-proofing the supply chain. Given what we’ve seen over the last year—and what we’re still contending with—the task of managing supply chains has become more challenging than ever (and it was no picnic before, we know!). That’s why Urner Barry is bringing together exclusive Insights through original reports, interviews, videos and podcasts in a special April Spotlight dedicated to the biggest supply chain issues the industry is currently facing.

This Spotlight, Future-Proofing the Supply Chain, will take place April 26-30th, 2021, and can be accessed through...

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Apr 20 11:47 AM, Urner Barry

PODAST: All Good On the Western Front: Alaska Sausage and Seafood

This week on Market Digest we're joined by Martin Eckmann of The Alaska Sausage and Seafood Company. Martin and Laura discuss running a business in Alaska during the pandemic, how shipping times and logistics have been affected, and reindeer sausages.

Did you know? Urner Barry's Market Digest Podcast is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, and SoundCloud! More ways to listen to top industry news and analysis.

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Apr 15 11:12 AM, Urner Barry

February Red Meat Exports Below Last Year, but 2021 Outlook Remains Strong

February exports of U.S. beef and pork remained below the rapid pace established in early 2020, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). However, exports were consistent with USMEF’s February projections and the federation still expects 2021 beef exports to increase substantially year-over-year, while pork exports are projected to narrowly surpass the 2020 record. ​

Beef exports totaled 103,493 metric tons (mt) in February, down 8% from a year ago, valued at $669.5 million (down 2%). This was due mainly to a decline in variety meat exports, as beef muscle cuts were steady with last year in value at $597.9 million on a volume of 82,530 mt (down 3%). Through February, beef exports were...

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Apr 12 8:18 AM, General News

Retailers Urge Bipartisan Approach to Modernize U.S. Transportation Infrastructure

The National Retail Federation issued the following statement from Senior Vice President of Government Relations David French in response to a House committee hearing on transportation infrastructure. U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg provided testimony on behalf of the Biden Administration.

“The retail industry relies on our nation’s transportation infrastructure to move billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise every day to warehouses, distribution centers and stores and ultimately to consumers’ front doors. A healthy and efficient infrastructure system supports economic development and growth in...

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Mar 29 8:19 AM, General News

REPORTER: Industry Veterans Come Together to Open Colorado Lamb Processors

This article was originally featured in the Spring 2021 Edition of Urner Barry's Reporter magazine.

As Easter and Passover approach, one cannot help but to think about lamb when planning a holiday meal. This year, there’s a good chance you could be eating lamb that has passed through the country’s newest lamb harvesting facility—Colorado Lamb Processors in Brush, Colorado.

Colorado Lamb Processors, which opened in September 2020, is the first new lamb processing facility to be built in the...

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Mar 23 9:03 AM, Urner Barry

ANALYSIS: Frozen Tom Breast Meat Values Buck Seasonal Norm

It isn't every year that the topic of frozen tom breast meat catches the eye of market participants this early in the "season"...

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Mar 18 8:17 AM, Urner Barry

January Red Meat Exports Below Year-Ago Levels Amid Transportation, Labor Challenges

U.S. beef and pork exports opened 2021 below the large volumes posted a year ago, according to January data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

Beef exports totaled 105,047 metric tons (mt) in January, down 2% from a year ago, while value slipped 3% to $653 million. The decline was due mainly to lower beef variety meat shipments, as muscle cut exports were steady with January 2020 at 81,398 mt, valued at...

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Mar 10 8:23 AM, General News

Albertsons Launches Pilot of Remote-Controlled Delivery Cart in Northern California

Albertsons Companies announced that it has partnered with Tortoise, an automated logistics company focused on last-mile solutions, to pilot its remote-controlled zero-emission delivery cart in Northern California.

“Our team is obsessed with trying new and disruptive technologies that can bring more convenience for our customers,” said Chris Rupp, EVP and Chief Customer and Digital Officer. “We are willing to quickly test, learn, and implement winning innovations that ensure we are offering the easiest and most convenient shopping experience in the entire industry.”

The Safeway cart, powered by Tortoise, is equipped with a camera and a speaker and is guided through the neighborhood by...

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Mar 8 8:29 AM, General News

ANALYSIS: Don’t Sleep on Chicken Leg Quarters

With chicken front half items continuing to be the talk of the town, it’s easy to overlook the slightly less exhilarating, albeit seasonally admirable, status of frozen leg quarters...

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Feb 12 8:33 AM, Urner Barry

Grains Supply to Argentine Export Hub Normalizing After Truckers Strike

Delivery of grains and oilseeds to Argentine export hub Rosario was slowly returning to normal on Monday after a week of protests by truckers who blocked roads leading from the farm belt to port, two industry sources told Reuters.

Drivers are demanding a review of their costs, including tolls, insurance rates, taxes and fuel prices.

They were scheduled to meet with Sergio Massa, president of the lower House of Congress, to discuss their demands while the government news site Telam reported a delay in a proposed fuel tax increase. Both gestures appeared to help calm tensions, although...

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Jan 26 8:57 AM, Urner Barry

Perdue AgriBusiness Announces Plans to Close Lothian, Maryland Grain Elevator

Perdue AgriBusiness, an independent operating company of Maryland-based Perdue Farms, has announced plans to close its grain elevator in Lothian, Md., by March 31 and is working closely with local farmers to minimize the impact. The company will stop receiving grain deliveries on Feb. 26.

“As a 101-year-old Maryland based company, we have long valued the importance of our relationship with local grain farmers, one built on a century of trust and transparency,” said Scott Fredericksen, president of Perdue AgriBusiness. “Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, we have seen...

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Jan 25 8:21 AM, General News

2020 Retail Imports May Break Record Despite Pandemic

Imports seen during 2020 appear to be headed toward a new record despite the coronavirus pandemic, and remain at high levels as 2021 begins, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released today by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates.

“Nobody would have thought last spring that 2020 would be a record year for imports, but it was clearly an unpredictable year,” NRF Vice President for Supply Chain and Customs Policy Jonathan Gold said. “Consumers and retailers once again proved their resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges. Thanks in part to government stimulus, retail sales saw...

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Jan 12 8:22 AM, General News

REPORTER: Protein Industry Facing Logistical Hiccups During the Pandemic

This article was originally featured in the Winter 2021 Edition of Urner Barry's Reporter magazine.

Add logistics to the laundry list of problems the coronavirus pandemic has thrown at the protein industry.

Throughout the pandemic, the protein industry faced multiple hiccups from a logistics standpoint. Labor has been an
issue at essentially every link in the supply chain. Domestically, meat plants have dealt with outbreaks. Meanwhile overseas, labor shortages at ports have stalled shipments and, in some cases, led to product heading back stateside...

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Dec 24 8:31 AM, Urner Barry

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